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    Line Numbers/Consist Listings

    Zephyr 5 of the 10th was my first train this season with the sleepers-forward consist. Loco Loco Baggage 40 dorm 32 sleeper 31 sleeper Diner Lounge 10 coach baggage 11 coach
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    Amtrak hiring process

    I'm an Assistant Conductor out of Denver. I had only one physical. Have you heard anything yet?
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    Who in the world are you?

    I can't remember if I've posted in here yet. Well, if I did my career has changed. I'm now an assistant conductor for Amtrak out of Denver! My name is Nick, 34 years old, married to Kari and have a son named Samuel.
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    Amtrak Asst Conductor Work Day

    I'm late to the discussion but am an AC out of Denver if you have any questions. Looks like I'm not allowed to post my email. If you join the forum you can message me.
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    Amtrak hiring process

    What position are you applying for?
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    Superliner stairs?

    They're normal stairs but they are narrow and make a 180* bend.
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    Return to Denver Union Station

    I was there today checking it out! Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier or I would have taken more photos. I'll get a few pics up ASAP.
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    Setting here on avery tardy westbound Zephyr. Over 5 hrs late because

    I was in downtown Denver today and parked close to Coors Field. On the way back to my truck I noticed the train was in the station. So, I took a little detour and checked it out. I heard about the delays fom one of the OBS crew. Look what was on the "front" baggage car end! P42s 45 and 170...
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    Locomotive Swap on CZ #6 in Denver

    My wife and I dropped off my mother-in-law around 6:30 pm on Saturday, October 19th at the temporary station. We stuck around to see her off as scheduled departure was 7:10pm Around 6:45pm they pulled the #1 loco off a couple hundred feet up the line, took #2 around the corner (under...
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    Spending the day in Denver

    You're welcome to come visit The Wildlife Experience (.org) in Parker where I work. I can get you in for free. It's about 2 miles east of the E Line light rail's Lincoln Station. I also have a few one-way light rail passes. As for the other things mentioned, they're all great ideas.
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    Most Interesting Destination By Amtrak?

    I would say Winter Park (Fraser) also. But I've only been on the CZ. Once DEN-MTP, twice DEN-GBB, once DEN-WIP.
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    5 & 6 Rare Mileage?

    Greg, where does it connect with the current Zephyr line outside Burlington? On Google Maps all I've found is the very large maze of ammunition plant tracks.
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    Bnsf conductor job part 2

    Congrats! I applied for BNSF and UP for conductor trainee and Amtrak for engineer trainee. Got the 'Thanks but no, thanks' email from BNSF. UP said the position was no longer being offered. Amtrak never got back to me. Congrats, I'm going to keep trying!
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    5 & 6 Rare Mileage?

    I just crossed that bridge last night on my way from GBB to DEN on the CZ5. They have new concrete piers up for the replacement truss spans.
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    Bridges - favorite, least, newest and falling down?

    I was lucky enough to cross this bridge twice within the last 8 days on ky DEN-GBB roundtrip. Nice bridge! I wanted to go to GBB for the museum but it was closed. Next time I go to the Quad Cities area by train I'll go to Burlington so I can see the bridge.
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    what about small animals in carriers?

    I sat in the second to last row on a Superliner coach. Last was for crew but they let a blind man and his dog use it. He asked not to be seated downstairs. I overheard two service agents saying he was a high maintenance traveler but he was fine. He just requested knowing which stops he could...
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    Diner etiquite

    I ate my first-ever Amtrak diner meal (breakfast) on the CZ from Denver to Galesburg just last week. I was in coach with my wife but she wanted to sleep so I decided to lose my diner virginity. Granted, it was only my second LD trip leg ever. I got up at 6:30 somewhere around Creston, Iowa to...
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    The CZ 5 is late!

    I first heard it was due to a bridge but I guess they had track repairs to do. We sat between Osceola and Creston for an hour and a half and other places as well. I heard BNSF uses a lot of track warrants in Iowa.
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    The CZ 5 is late!

    Well, we made it. About 6 hours late. I agree about what everyone has said amd I also think if the crew would communicate the reasons for being late then the passengers may be a little more understanding.
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    The CZ 5 is late!

    It is 4:20 am CST. We're in Omaha. We should have arrived at 10:55 last night. I personally don't care. The people around me do. Whiners. I've heard everything from, "we should have taken a horse and buggy, it would have been faster and just as bumpy", to "I'm going to call Amtrak and...
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