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    Chicago Hotels

    For another reference to hotels in Chicago and throughout the US: if you've not yet done so, you might cut and paste this link to your browser: On the TRAVEL tab click and check the HOTELS feature. There you'll fine a nice assortment of hotels with varying prices, plus...
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    Passing motorists must have thought it was just another engine on fire

    Yesterday at what seemed to be early afternoon, I noted a BNSF diesel yanking an Amtrak unit and possibly the consist from the Illinois Zephyr 380 eastbound through Downers Grove. Said laughing in regard to the 383 issue: hey, at least it wasn't a heavy twin-jet shutting an engine down over...
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    The Perception of Amtrak

    I am sure that Amtrak has tried to address the messy toilet issues. But really, airliner toilets can be as messy as railcar toilets. Well-hydrated men, feeling no pain after a few beers and using the facilities in turbulence are often bad marksmen. On really long flights, some blue room...
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    Cardinal Observational Update

    Amtrak should build the Cardinal brand by making the train more recognizable and memorable. They could begin by refurbishing the trainsets used on that route with a deep (dark) red based color motif and décor. Each car could be fitted with a deep red seat fabric and carpet, paired with a light...
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    Ode to the Amtrak Quiet Car

    The Quiet Car concept has the potential to draw more customers to Amtrak's Northeast Regional services. Perhaps such services will be expanded to other NER trains in greater numbers of cars offered. Quiet Cars make sense to me, because part of the reason I use rail transportation both...
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    Future of Amtrak???

    The participants on this thread have presented some very focused ideas and interesting information regarding what is needed to help Amtrak improve the entire operation - including maintenance, service and future needs and more. The wealth of railroad knowledge shown by all is impressive. We...
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    extra leg room on Superliner coach class

    This an interesting topic and one that I've always pondered: it appears that there is a bit of extra legroom on the stairway side of the car. As I recall the seat pairs immediately forward and rear of the stairway bulkheads appear to have more legroom. I have also noted that IMO those two seat...
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    Wireless internet: long-term trains

    The fact that Amtrak essentially does not have WiFi on LD trains does not prevent me from enjoying the relaxation and cost-effective aspect of train travel or keeping in touch when needed. When I travel LD trains, I rarely have a problem with connectivity. I have had good luck with cell...
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    Train repairs without air freshener. What could be better?

    For annoying loudspeakers in the Roomette, nothing works as good as a 4x4 patch of inch-thick fiberglass insulation and duct tape. Actually, the lightweight HVAC Aluminum Tape (resembling the kind of tape that temporarily covers holes in aircraft skin) is sometimes more durable than the duct...
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    Menu Item Must-Haves and Must-Not-Haves

    I appreciate the effort that the Amtrak culinary staff has made to serve guests well: Best dinner choice: Several years ago when riding the CZ from Denver to Chicago, I had a very nicely presented stuffed - double - pork chop with baked potato and veggies. It was so good I almost ordered...
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    Coach Comfort?

    Here are a few points that I've noticed about coach seating and comfort: The Amtrak coach seat found on many LD trains offers plenty of legroom and a reasonable reclining pitch. My preference is the Superliner where the upper deck is insulated from most rail noise. The other single-level cars...
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    Diet Pepsi is now a snack car "first class item"?

    Why is it that a heavily-traveled train on the Northeast Corridor does not have an ample supply of a popular beverage - Diet Pepsi in regular sized cans - displayed in the eyesight of passengers? Seems like the Commissary did not load enough product and the café attendant didn't have a...
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    What brought YOU to long distance train travel?

    Thank you, v v, for starting such an interesting thread. I was inspired by your adventure traveling through France and long for the opportunity to visit there. I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and from early childhood was able to view the trains of the Milwaukee Road, Chicago...
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    I do NOT like sharing toilets.....

    Thank you Caravanman for the bit of civility which is sometimes absent from this forum.
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    Amtrak Conductor Experience

    From what I understand, wearing the Conductor hat on duty during extremely hot weather is difficult for some crewmembers. It would appear to me that the hats could be especially uncomfortable on southern trains during the summer months. In my opinion, as long as other crewmembers recognize the...
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    do you drag all your valuables to the dining car or leave them in the

    There is usually no room in the diner for briefcases, large purses or any sort of luggage - whether it is stowed under the seat or at one's side. The seats are tiny and if my memory serves, Amtrak has a policy whereby a passenger should not bring such items to the diner. However, I am sure...
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    Oklahoma Senator Inhofe Supports Heartland Flyer!

    In an article published Tuesday, May 27, 2014, at by Douglas John Bowen; I learned that Amtrak's Heartland Flyer service has found some timely and welcomed support from Senator James Inhofe, (R - Oklahoma). Mr. Bowen goes on to explain the details which point out the good...
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    EWR arrival - which train to pick?

    Barciur, it appears that you are flying on a Sunday and EWR could be a madhouse; even worse if there is a weather issue or air traffic delaying aircraft. If your flight departs at 5:40pm, it is best to get to EWR as soon as it is possible. The train arriving at Newark Amtrak at 12:31pm is a...
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    Luggage Storage at NYP/Grand Central without Amtrak ticket?

    Pay to use the restroom, luxury shower and storage, coming to Manhattan:
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    Nickel and Dining and Dollaring on the Texas Eagle!!

    I have given a lot of thought to the fares on Amtrak Long Distance, in terms of does it work for me... The cost from my home station Naperville, IL to Los Angeles Union Station - typical coach fare has been around $169 or so. If we divide the mileage of about 1800 miles, the cost is about 09.4...
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