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    Amtrak train with GOP congressional members hits truck (1/31/18)

    Just being reported by Washington Post a collision with and Amtrak train carrying republican members of congress to a meeting in West Virginia.
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    Carolinian 80(9) Grade Crossing accident

    I just got up to check my e-mail as I have reservations on S/B 53 today (3/11). The e-mail was sent at 12:31AM this morning I called AMTRAK as they asked me to in the e-mail and said that check-in at Lorton had been pushed back until 4pm due to the derailment. I suppose late is better than...
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    Carolinian 80(9) Grade Crossing accident

    I've got a bedroom on the Auto Train on Wed. Do you think I should plan on driving?
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    Confusing Auto Train reservation/pricing

    Thanks for the info. This must also affect discounts and promos as when I applied my AAA card the price went even higher.
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    Confusing Auto Train reservation/pricing

    Decided to take the Auto Train today. I went to and clicked on the auto train reservation. For the date 3/13, it showed a price of 148 for 2 ppl. A roomette was 126. The auto fee was 157. I clicked on these to purchase and the fare went from 148 to 186. The room remained the same as...
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    Hotels near Flagstaff Station

    Having stayed at a motel close to the station a few years back, I have to admit the transcon freights coming off the mountains or working up a head of steam going up the mountains with horns blaring every 15 minutes or so can make a nights sleep (or not) very interesting. At least by morning...
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    AAA Discount

    So a year or two ago I'm heading to HFD from PHL and decide to terminate my trip in Berlin, one stop below HFD. It was more convienent for my ride to pick me up there than in HFD. While waiting to get picked up I decide to get my return ticket to PHL from HFD three days hence. No one is in the...
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    Amtrak free connections to local transit

    Regarding Philadelphia, inbound to 30th St. you will most likely not be asked for a ticket from Temple Univ. Station to 30th St. You enter the center city tunnel right after Temple and there is a lot of people moving towards the doors for Market St. East. The next stop is Suburban and the crews...
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    "European style" sleeper car?

    I remember as a wee lad in 1966 taking the gasping Erie Lackawanna, Phoebe Snow, up the southern tier of New York State and seem to remember that type of configuration in a car that I walked through. I also think I rememmber something similiar on legacy equipment Amtrak was running in 1975 on...
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    WAS-EWR(Newark Int'l Airport) is $108, can I buy WAS-NHV(New

    I have also noted that the fare on the Vermonter is a little cheaper into Brattleboro, than the fare into the stops just south of it. I had always assumed it was due to a subsidy from the state of Vermont.
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    Lots of Old Equipment

    Google search: Illinois Transit Assembly Corp 1980 3rd St Madison, IL , 62060-1556 Phone: 618-451-0100 FAX: 618-451-8934 Website: Products Description: Rebuilds railroad cars Railway and tramway machinery and equipment, Locomotives and electric trolleys, Railway and...
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    Lots of Old Equipment

    For those interested Lat. 38°40'46.11"N, Long. 90° 8'36.44"W.
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    I am still going to ride the train

    Which brings up an interesting point which I think will be NO based on AMTRAKS TOC. Can you buy a ticket for the empty seat next to you if you wish to "spread out" and leave it empty for your use? Kind of like roomette lite :lol: .
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    Just booked myself a Giordano's Special...

    Had lunch yesterday on #30 into WAS. They were out of everything but hamburgers by 12:30, however you could have that with or without cheese/bacon. :P Also didn't get in until 3:00pm. BTW Giordano's was great during the layover last week waiting for #3 to ABQ. First time there.
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    The Official Onboard Sleeper Upgrade Thread

    I understand the fare structure on cash/credit card upgrade. My question is if you are travelling in a roomette on AGR points and wish to upgrage to a bedroom, how is that calculated or can it be done in the first place. I guess the answer would be what cash value AMTRAK places on a sleeper that...
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    Anyone know the nature of the pre-employment drug screen/physical?

    THC, the active agent in pot is fat soluable and processed through the liver. The metabolites are excreted through feces and urine. This binding to fat is what causes pot residue to last longer than water soluable drugs like cocaine and others. Most urine drug screens are in an enclosed...
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    1-zone reward roomette

    It has always been my understanding that if you can book it as a paying PAX through AMTRAK (Arrow) you can book it through AGR for points. I notice that you can't book El Paso to Glacier through AMTRAK's website as a single routing, which I believe would be required to maintain the one zone...
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    Planning Coast to Coast Trip

    If you are on a budget the price you pay for a sleeper upgrade on board will be the lowest rate or "bucket" that is available. If available you can purchase the upgrade from the conductor.
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    Ferreting out promotions, savings.

    While this won't guarantee you a room it can provide you with savings of a sort. If you can tell after you have boarded in coach how full the sleepers are going to be to your destination (ask the conductor) book the sleeper with the conductor as late as possible. This moves you further down the...
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    Crankin' Up The Points...FAST!

    Up until last April I would/could pay my rent and utilities and get 1500 pts. a month, then immediatly pay that amount to the CC company. When AGR ended it relationship with BOA I charged 3 months in advance carrying that for two months so I did incur some finance charges but the point is well...
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