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  1. nshvlcat

    Will I Be Penalized For Canceling trip using AGR points?

    I too have had a pleasant experience with AGR. I just cancelled my 2020 vacation to San Francisco due to my high risk status to COVED-19. Used both Amtrak CC and points. All refunded with no cancelation fees. Thank you Amtrak.
  2. nshvlcat

    Nashville to Atlanta line

    Here is an additional article from Nashville's NewsChannel 5:
  3. nshvlcat

    Nashville to Atlanta line

    Amtrak wants to possibly return to Nashville. Interesting article:
  4. nshvlcat

    Riding backwards SEA to CHI

    In 2018, I rode backwards from Memphis to NOLA in a lower level Superliner on the CONO. On return trip, backwards again. I did not know that seats could be rotated.
  5. nshvlcat

    Memphis Station long-term parking

    I was in Memphis on June 21, 2019. I made a special trip downtown to Central Station to check out the construction situation. The hotel is still under construction. When finished, it will be a Hilton Curio hotel. I called Hilton and was told the hotel would open in September '19. Amtrak...
  6. nshvlcat

    LaQuinta Inns, no points on two bookings so far

    I quit staying at LaQuinta Inns because of this very reason. Amtrak needs to investigate.
  7. nshvlcat

    Amtrak Train Separates Outside of Albany, NY (11/21)

    Great little movie for train lovers. Starred Charlie Ruggles, Una Merkle and Mary Carlisle who just died at 104 on Aug 1st.
  8. nshvlcat

    Texas Eagle late leaving SAS (11/13)

    Would you share the name of that hotel? I am tentively planning a trip in 2019 to San Antonio.
  9. nshvlcat

    3 Points/Dollar: AGR Mastercard Purchases (ended 12/31/18)

    Great timing for me. My house insurance is due.
  10. nshvlcat

    Roomette by Family Room- Too Noisy?

    I concur with Dakota 400. I had Rm 11 on the SW Chief from CHI to LAX in 2017. Foot traffic was pratically non-existant, no noise issues with people training and de-training, and no noise issue from occupied family room. Easy access to toilets and showers. I also noticed less sway on bottom...
  11. nshvlcat

    22 Texas Eagle or 422 Texas Eagle? Quick answer?

    If your endpoint destination is Houston, take 421.
  12. nshvlcat

    DC Departure board

    Try this Use code WAS for Union Station in DC. I hope this works for you.
  13. nshvlcat

    New Amtrak Alerts Twitter

    Incredible amt. of freight traffic.
  14. nshvlcat

    Ford Considers Buying Detroit's Central Station

    It's official. Ford now owns MI Central Station
  15. nshvlcat

    Amtrak's Memphis Central Station Update

    For those using the the CONO, you may be interested in this update as of May 2018.
  16. nshvlcat

    LaQuinta Inns 1000 points per stay until 6/30/18?

    I had a similar experience last year. Points went to LaQuinta rather than AGR (as requested). I am going to NOLA in June. Will pay non-LaQuinta hotel with Amtrak MasterCard to ensure points (est. 500 pts.). Sent from my SM-T350 using Amtrak Forum mobile app
  17. nshvlcat

    Amtrak Snack Bar Coach Found In Rhode Island Sent from my SM-T350 using Amtrak Forum mobile app
  18. nshvlcat

    Proposals for Restored Gulf Coast Service

    Some additional information. Sent from my SM-T350 using Amtrak Forum mobile app
  19. nshvlcat

    Proposals for Restored Gulf Coast Service

    Here is an update. Sent from my SM-T350 using Amtrak Forum mobile app
  20. nshvlcat

    What was it like to travel in a Heritage Sleeper?

    I found a picture of what you are talking about.
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