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    Any way to make this trip in one redemption?

    Bottom Line Up Front: Is there any way to get a trip EMY -> LAX (CS), LAX ->CHI (SWC), CHI -> WAS (Cardinal) as one 3-zone AGR redemption? Background: I will be taking the wife and kids to a family reunion back east next summer. We will be going from the San Francisco Bay area to Washington...
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    Missed Connection when on a Point Trip??

    Okay, I'm probably just dense... but I want to make sure I'm getting the bottom line here: If I'm on a trip bought with AGR points and a missed connection results in downgrade from sleeper to coach for part of the trip, I should seek restitution from Amtrak Customer Service (travel voucher)...
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    Can anyone compare the bedroom suites on a Viewliner and Superliner? The Amtrak website has a picture of Viewliner bedrooms ensuite which appears to create a very big, open space. The partition between the rooms seems to disappear almost completely, with perhaps a 3-inch "intrusion" into the...
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    First time with 2 kids. PGH-FLO

    I'm assuming you are coach the whole trip... Pennsylvanian from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, then Silver Meteor from Philadelphia to Florence, SC. I'm from the left (or right, depending on your perspective) coast, and when travelling with children I've always been in sleeper, so my ability to...
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    Policy change for loophole trips?

    Pointless Question of the Day: How many AGR zones is a trip on the Southwest Chief from Albuquerque, NM to Trinidad, CO? a. One. b. Two. c. None... you're riding the zone boundary the whole way!! d. It depends on how many times you switch between sides of the train. ("I'm sorry, I...
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    Policy change for loophole trips?

    Wow... so would a Slidell to Seattle trip now be FOUR zones? How much do they charge for that? The AGR site says that rewards are determined by the number of zones you travel across. a KCY-CBS trip travels across two zones (Western Region, Central Region). I don't think they should be...
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    Thruway bus to Maricopa

    I think the truly ideal solution would be to have Phoenix passengers board the Silver Horizon (ex-CZ dome lounge car that serves as Maricopa's station) for the portion of their journey between Phoenix and Maricopa! Okay, so that's not realistic on any level... but it sure would be sweet! Or...
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    Lockers at the Sacramento Amtrak station?

    Agree this is likely a westbound Zephyr to northbound Starlight connection. The northbound Starlight hits all the stops the eastbound Zephyr does from its origin in Emeryville to Sacramento, so there's little reason to make that transfer unless you wanted to spend the day and evening in...
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    sunset limited to be restored

    Wait a second... I thought this was April Fool's Day, not Groundhog Day!
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    AGR points trip: OK to book family rooms for only part of the trip?

    Welcome aboard AMTRAK's "Analogy Express"! Nothing is finer than breakfast in the Diner! Today's menu: AmMeal #1 -- 2 Eggs, Orange Juice . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00 AmMeal #2 -- 2 Eggs, 2 Pancakes, Orange Juice . . . . $4.00 You want 2 Eggs and Orange Juice. Do you: a. Order AmMeal...
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    AGR points trip: OK to book family rooms for only part of the trip?

    Sorry to chime in once more... but I'd like to present another hypothetical situation: What if I paid cash for the tickets? If I pay $2975 for my family of four for two roomettes from Kansas City to Los Angeles (via Southwest Chief) to Portland (via Coast Starlight) to Wolf Point (via Empire...
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    AGR points trip: OK to book family rooms for only part of the trip?

    An additional example, more Amtrak-related: I want to travel from Boston to Baltimore on Acela. The price of a ticket from Boston to Baltimore is the same as the price of a ticket from Boston to Washington DC. However, I can get extra AGR points for purchasing a ticket from Boston to...
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    AGR points trip: OK to book family rooms for only part of the trip?

    If I'm having a birthday party for my child and need 18 party hats, and the local store sells 6-packs for $4 each and 24-packs for $10 each, am I wrongfully denying them revenue by buying the 24-pack and discarding the six unused hats? In my opinion, no. I may not be giving them the maximum...
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    Help me figure out a 2 or 3 day, one zone AGR trip from KCY

    Is the trip for 1 adult & 2 kids, or 2 adults and 2 kids? That would determine whether single-level trains (which don't have family bedrooms) are a possiblity. If you are heading west, I don't think you can top a Kansas City to Minneapolis/St. Paul (KCY to MSP) routing via LA and Portland...
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    1st time travelers. Family of 5

    The family bedroom actually has two of the little fold-out tables (one on each side of the room), but there is really only room for one person to eat at each table. The rear-facing seat is so close to the table (when the table "wings" are folded out) that I think even your six-year old would be...
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    1st time travelers. Family of 5

    A few additional notes about travelling in a Superliner family room: 1. The family room does have windows on both sides of the car, but they are smaller than the windows in roomettes and bedrooms. Also, the family room is on the lower level and doesn't enjoy the height-of-eye advantages of an...
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    three in a roomette

    I second the second roomette option! I prefer it when I travel with the family (2 adults, 2 young kids) on Amtrak. On many Amtrak routes, it is often cheaper to get two roomettes than a bedroom or family bedroom, and you get better views out of both sides of the car! You can also use one...
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    5 in a Roomette

    A few more (constructive, I hope) comments: If you upgrade to one roomette, you should be allowed to have one adult, the lap child, and one other child "legally" in the room. The onboard crew may allow more than that, but if other passengers complain due to noise/bustle (even if it's just the...
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    5 in a Roomette

    It is certainly nice to have some private space when travelling with a toddler. Reclining one of the seats in a roomette makes a great changing table or spot for a toddler to nap. If you can't afford the increased fare for a family room or second roomette, I'd recommend flying this trip (I...
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    California day trip suggestions?

    Other places to look at for potential two-day trips are San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, both involve more time on buses than trains... and neither involves the scenic train segment between those two cities. For a longer trip, you can take the Amtrak train/bus combo to Willits...
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