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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    The tracks by my house were pulled-up years ago with the right of way now used for bike path. However mom was in therapy one summer in Birmingham, Mi. where the Wolverine ran right by her room several times a day. “There’s something about a train” She was about 1 1/2 miles north of the new Troy...
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    Observation Car seat etiquette

    It’s kinda like hogging a table in a busy restaurant as people wait in line at the door. A little consideration people.
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    Dashing Thru The Snow.....

    Winter travel by train through the snow is my favorite also. The more snow the better as I sit back in my roomette nice and cosy. I still prefer car travel in the summer where I create the itinerary.
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    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    Also agree on the sleeper. My trip from the Dearborn Mi. station to Glenwood was all coach seating. I quickly found I don’t do overnights very well in a chair. I spent the night in the cafe/lounge car. The morning run up the front range saw a packed train out of Denver filling the lounge car to...
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    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    Found these pics from my stay. View showing proximity of station to Hotel Denver from pedestrian bridge across river. Good train watching spot. The block just to right of hotel had a couple restaurants also. View from window of Amtrak Station, U.P. daily freight train, Colorado River. The...
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    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    My favorite is the Hotel Denver also. Walk right across the street from station to hotel entrance. Try to get one of the “Colorado Rooms” facing the station, Colorado River, hot spring spa across the way. Hotel is historic and renovated very well with an attached restaurant which is handy. Spend...
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    Top 10 Rude Behaviors on Trains on Japan

    I find these a greater problem of air travel. Tighter confines exacerbate every one of those issues listed.
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    I totally understand the O.P. and thanks for direction to the decoder. Other sites I visit use this insider-speak a lot more with no explanation. Like old car forums guys will speak only in paint code#s, body code designation or engine code. How hard is it to say “the car is purple”, a Cuda and...
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    For $3,500, a Most Putrid Stench

    Guess I’ve been fortunate not to have run into this issue on the couple Zephyr trips I’ve taken. Both have been roomettes with one return trip home as the only passenger in the transdorm. This thread really has me hesitant to make future LD runs.
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    CZ - CS snow trip

    Agree. The climb out of Denver after a fresh snowfall is one of the most beautiful views from an Amtrak train. The snow on the red rocks approaching G.S is just gorgeous.
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    CZ - CS snow trip

    You might consider stopping in Glenwood Springs. I stayed here Christmas 2014. Got off the train, walked across the street into the lobby of this excellent 100 yr old motel. Get one of the "Colorado" rooms facing the station, Colorado River and the Hot Springs Resort across the river. Glenwood...
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    Is the lounge car important to you or your trip?

    The Zeyphr heading out of Denver is one of the most scenic runs and the lounge gets packed. Been on that train when the lounge is full with people standing in entrance and back through the first coach. About two hours out of Denver the attendants announced their appreciate for folks sharing...
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    Is the lounge car important to you or your trip?

    However, if you have been sitting there for hours as people wait in the aisle for a seat, said millennial is just perpetuating the stereotype of entitlement.
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    The California Zephyr

    Relaxing in a Roomette watching the scenery go by is always good. You’ll see a lot of farm country then cross the Mississippi River. The meals were good and more than I usually eat in one day.
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    Change of Station on Wolverine?

    The Hunter House right across Woodward from that Kroger is about as low scale as it gets in B'ham. Great place for sliders while cruising Woodward.
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    Change of Station on Wolverine?

    The original brick and mortar station building is now an upscale eatery called Big Rock Chophouse.
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    Change of Station on Wolverine?

    The new Troy station is maybe 100 yds south of the old Birmingham stop. It is accessed from the east side of tracks in Troy.
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    Reconnoitering Washington Union Station on 6/29/18: My Observations

    I've done something similar mainly to check safety of the parking area and access to station.
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    Taking a Sewing Machine on Amtrak

    Looks like it's pitch black outside and I'm assuming car is not crowded so go for it. I can't sleep in a coach seat either!
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    SSL seating etiquette?

    Most people can have a conversation on their cell phone like a normal conversation. The annoying ones are those that feel they need to shout through the phone. As for seat hogs. If there are people standing in the vestibules waiting for a seat and you've been there a couple hours? it might be...
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