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  1. RRrich

    Strange Checked baggage (maybe) question.

    Hey guys, its been a while - I had some health issues. Anyway, in August I am planning on taking the LSL from NYP to CHI which will go via ALB. A guy in ALB has a goodie that he wants to sell me. Is there anyway he can drop it off at ALB and I can get it (in STL perhaps) without his waiting...
  2. RRrich

    Tipping your SCA

    Average service - that means just doing their job. Amtrak pays them well to do their job, not like a waiter who gets less than the minimum wage because he is expected to earn tips. Amtrak personel are well paid - they work under terrible conditions for very odd hours, but they understood that...
  3. RRrich

    Help EB or WB CZ

    Luckily if you use AGR points, buckets are irrelevant :hi:
  4. RRrich

    Long Distance Train Riding

    Hi, let me introduce myself - I'm the guy that didn't love his trip on the Canadian. Admittedly, the food was vastly superior to Amtrak as was the bedding - but we had a waiter that thought he was funny. The pax thought he was nasty or stupid. I felt that the communication of what was...
  5. RRrich

    The Case of the Crazy Porter

    Wifey loved that line :-)
  6. RRrich

    Security Theater @ Austin Amtrak Station Today!!!

    How about trying to play FETCH with one of the dogs? Or w/a LEO?
  7. RRrich

    Fred Frailey compares the Empire Builder to the Canadian

    I want to compare double rooms on the EB and the CAN. On the EB I think you get more sq feet of floor, with the bed up it is a bit more comfortable for a couple to spend time in the room, and you can nap while the bed is up :-) With the bed down in an Amtrak bedroom there is still room to sit -...
  8. RRrich there a code?

    Listening to the horn and estimating train speed - you should be able to do so by noting the doppler effect frequency shift, but I expect you would need more accurate frequency measuring devices than the human ear - particularly MY ears :hi:
  9. RRrich

    What is the "Chef's Marketplace Special" on the CZ lunch m

    Not meaning to take anything from the brownie, the torte is a WINNER :wub:
  10. RRrich

    What is the "Chef's Marketplace Special" on the CZ lunch m

    Not quite the same thing, don't you think? :hi:
  11. RRrich

    What is the "Chef's Marketplace Special" on the CZ lunch m

    Frequently I have ridden the train for severel consequtive days. It bothers me that the menu, especially the specials, is exactly the same day after day :angry2:
  12. RRrich

    New Concept for Superliner Bedroom w pics

    2 bedrooms per car? :giggle:
  13. RRrich

    Changing rooms - are there any rules?

    So Amtrak does have rules, which Trogdor was kind enough to explain :hi: However since the agents either do not know or follow said rules, effectively Amtrak does NOT have rules :o and we should continue to keep calling until we get an agent who does what we want! :ph34r:
  14. RRrich

    Amtrak Suspending Service East of NYC Friday, 2/8/13

    Its clear and 33F in STL and shortly I shall take the doggy out for a walk :P I hope that all my wimpy friends in the NorthEast are, and cotinue to be safe warm and well :hi:
  15. RRrich

    Changing rooms - are there any rules?

    Sure sounds like they are making up the roles as they go. Hence we tell folks to keep asking until you get the answer you want and then jump on it. Is this any way to run a railroad? :angry:
  16. RRrich

    Security procedure invasiveness?

    We just completed a ten day train trip to Canada and back. No unpleasentness from Customs/Border Patrol/TSA personell. As Ispolkom points out with all the grade crossings and all the rail running near highways if you want to mess it up why go to the expense of buying a ticket?
  17. RRrich

    Storing luggage while sightseeing

    The nice folks at ROC stored our bags when we went to dinner during the interminable wait :angry2: from the Maple Leaf to the LSL. No Charge - :P they also checked our BIG bag to STL even though we were only going to ALN :wub:
  18. RRrich

    Travel options removed from

    I did a test booking - ORL - BUF for 2 on a random date in Feb. SM to LSL came up no prob. :P It was the second routeing, but so what? ENJOY :hi:
  19. RRrich

    Credit Card Fee

    IMHO Charging this fee would put merchants at a competetive disadvantage and not be profitable.
  20. RRrich

    Texas Eagle (CHI-SAS) Questions

    I have been told that NO TRAIN serves lunch out of CHI. However, I get told many things - some of which are correct :hi:
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