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    Amtrak Twitter Oops?

    Over the many years that I've been riding Amtrak and following things, I've seen many service disruption notices and as luck would have it, I've even been the victim of a few of them. But this is the first time I've ever seen one of these. :lol
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    Long Time Member Joe Hess Has Taken His Final Ride

    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must report the passing of my long time friend and long time AU member Joe Hess. Joe had been a member here for many years, made many friends, helped many people with Amtrak, and had served for many years helping to plan the annual AU...
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    The Passing of a Friend!

    It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I must tell all that long time AU member and former Gathering Committee member Patrick (WhoozOn1st) has passed away. :( Patrick caught his train ride to heaven early Thursday morning the 1st of May just hours after returning home from a road trip...
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    New Forums & New Membership Levels

    After the stir of the past few days, and in consultation with Austin (owner of the hosting service), I've made some changes and improvements to the forum. Two will benefit all members, the rest will only benefit those who choose to contribute not only with their words but also their wallets...
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    Big Problems on the NEC BOS-PVD

    I'm currently sitting on 2150 at Providence. We're holding here because there is a gas leak at the Route 128 station. No trains are moving north or south, or if you prefer nothing is going railroad east or west at this time.
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    Points For Google Wallet

    For those that might be interested and use Google Wallet (GW), if you add your AGR account right now to GW you'll get 500 AGR points. This offer is limited to the first 10,000 people who register. More details can be found here.
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    Amtrak's New Train Tracker Map

    http://www.amtrak.com/train-routes Click on the link right at the top of the page.
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    Potential Login Problems For Members With & In Their Name

    It has come to our attention that since the recent upgrade of the forum software that a few members may well be having problems trying to login to the forum. These are members who happened to use an & in their login name. And since this is a RR related forum, coupled with the many mergers of the...
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    New Gathering Committee Members

    Please join me in welcoming two new members of the Gathering Planning Committee, Betty (AmtrakBlue) and Charlie (CHamilton). :) They replace Anthony and Jay on the committee.
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    New Penn Station - A Vanity Project

    Here's an interesting article from the New York Observer that covers some interesting topics, including mentioning a few things that Jishnu and other's have pointed out that far more could & should be done with NYP than worrying about spending money on Moynihan or even a new headhouse in place...
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    Photo Uploading Enabled!

    Our new hosts have allowed us to turn on the ability for our members to upload photos directly to the forum. This will enable those who don't have their own site for hosting, or whom are not using services like Smugmug or Flicker, to upload photos directly to the board. Please note that this...
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    AGR Redemption Guidelines

    I think that the title pretty much says it all, and I suspect that a few here will be disappointed that they can no longer play guessing games with agents. But regardless, AGR Insider has announced over at FT that the guidelines will be available come tomorrow. You can view the topic here.
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    Important Announcements

    Since I know that there are some who come straight to this forum, skipping the home page for the forum, please let me point out two very important topics in the Announcements forum: Anthony Steps Down as Admin Staff Changes
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    Staff Changes & Promotions

    On the heals of Anthonys big announcement, Im going to shake things up a bit more as we promote a few of the remaining staff members and add a few more people to the staff. In addition to the new Admin account GBadmin, which Austin and his support staff will use, were promoting Tom (MrFSS) from...
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    Registration & Guest Posting Issue

    It has come to my attention that after the recent upgrade, something has gone wrong with the CAPTCHA system that protects us from spammers. Anyone trying to register or make a guest post is presented with the instructions to complete the puzzle, but alas no puzzle is displayed thereby making it...
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    New Select Executive Tier at AGR

    From AGR Insider at FlyerTalk: You can view the post here.
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    New York Club Acela Closed for Renovations

    I'm not sure for just how long, but the NYP CA is currently closed for some renovation work. I showed up yesterday to pick up my tickets, doing a free upgrade so I needed an agent, and all the chairs from the CA are piled out in front of what used to be the NJT ticket windows. And yellow safety...
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    Neat Change At Amtrak.com

    Well here's a nice new feature from Amtrak.com; I just took this screen shot for Thursday's trains:
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    Acela @ Old Saybrook

    Just made my first ever stop on an Acela in Old Saybrook. Apparently someone couldn't figure out that if they wanted to go to New Haven that they probably should get off the train when it stopped in New Haven. :rolleyes: So we stopped to let them get off in Old Say.