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  1. Green Maned Lion

    GML's Advice for New Passenger Rail Advocates

    Every so (far too) often somebody comes on here and says we can create a new train with schedules to blah blah and especially blah. They even come up with play schedules for these play trains to their play cities that range from vaguely realistic to vaudeville. And then they say, "it would be...
  2. Green Maned Lion

    Crash Worthiness Standards

    That thing isn't modern. It's a Bombardier bi-level, whose robust construction (or lack thereof) was responsible for the bulk of deaths at Chatsworth.
  3. Green Maned Lion

    Why do I advocate? Why do you?

    A few weeks ago or something like that (I don’t remember the time frame, forgive my ailing mind) I made a half joking post advocating for the discontinuance of the AutoTrain because it was (it is) a train of the privileged class of citizens who are permitted to operate a car. I do believe that...
  4. Green Maned Lion

    The Future Of Amtrak And The Long Distance Trains

    I apologize in advance for the political nature of this post. I will try to confine my politics to the needed amount to discuss the key points I’m trying to bring out in this post. I ask the mod team, and not antagonistically, to contact me and discuss these points if they have objections...
  5. Green Maned Lion

    The Big Easy Trip to the City By the Bay and the City of Devils

    The genesis for this trip happened a little over a year ago. I mean the dream of taking this kind of trip was many many years in the making, but the point where I started mapping out this trip and planning it as a reality happened in January of 2013, or thereabouts. I was still living in...
  6. Green Maned Lion

    How is Boardman doing?

    I am leaving in four days on the longest Amtrak itinerary I have ever pursued. Its a trip that will take two weeks to complete, about half that time on trains, and the other half actually taking the time to explore a few cities. It is the first Amtrak trip I have taken in several years...
  7. Green Maned Lion

    Sunset Limited Rescheduling, 3/16/14

    Guys, as a few of you may know, I am scheduled to leave Los Angeles aboard the Sunset Limited on March 16th 2014. As I am sure many of you are also aware, when I booked that trip, I was originally scheduled to do so at 10 PM. Plans, unfortunately, have been changed. I got a call about a month or...
  8. Green Maned Lion

    Weinstein is gone! Three Cheers!

    Ok, now he's being replaced. I have a feeling it'll be like 'Won't Be Fooled Again.'
  9. Green Maned Lion

    R.I.P. James T. Raleigh, 1934-2013

    I meant to put this up here almost a month ago, but I couldn't. I was too shaken up by his loss. None of you, save Jishnu, knew him, I don't think. Thats because he was adamantly a transit advocate, and in no way a rail fan. Not that his loss was unexpected- he was sick, and had been in...
  10. Green Maned Lion

    A transit advocacy idea

    I was ranting away on the NARP mail topic, and realized I was creating a useful suggestion for how to improve advocacy in your area. Since some of the service I am discussing would surely be under Amtrak's prevue, it is in my opinion related to this section. Mods move if you disagree. I am...
  11. Green Maned Lion

    My trip

    I recently went on a trip on your trains that demands both commendation and condemnation. Reservation # XXXXXX. Itinerary 51(3/2) NYP-CHI, 30(3/3) CHI-WAS, 166(3/4) WAS-NYP. I was in sleeper on both 51 and 30. I also want to mention, as a total aside, that while I am speaking as myself and...
  12. Green Maned Lion

    A trip from hell,

    I have been an avid train rider for many years- twenty in fact - and am a major supporter of inter-city and long-distance trains in this country, as an important part of our infrastructure. For most of those years, I have also been a supporter of Amtrak and its management, but my last trip...
  13. Green Maned Lion

    CZ turn around and bridge fire

    Hey. I'm on my way back to Chicago after we were halted by a bridge fire.
  14. Green Maned Lion

    Parking on NJT NEC line

    I am selling at the Columbus market on Sunday. My Grandmothers 85th birthday is being celebrated in manhattan that evening. I will be driving my market truck, a Ford E250 with heavy duty springs, tall ladder racks, and a tall whip antenna. Clearance is about 9' 3". I am not driving that thing...
  15. Green Maned Lion

    A fascinating reflection on the cost of travel

    I have, in PDF form, a 1966 New York Central timetable. Let us consider a trip from New York to Chicago. Now, I am assuming travel by two passengers on any train but the extra-fare Twentieth Century Limited in a bedroom. ...............CoachRF....Bedroom RF....CoachRF'10$.....SleeperRF...
  16. Green Maned Lion

    Non-Amtrak, American regular service name trains

    I'm not talking about trains that have an interesting service name. Ones that have a name all their own. I can think of a few - a LIRR, and a few Septa trains as follows: LIRR: Hamptons Cannonball: NYP-Hamptons express with onboard bar cart service and reserved attended seating. SEPTA...
  17. Green Maned Lion

    Power outage Nec

    Stuck TRE due to outage around Metutchen. Details?
  18. Green Maned Lion

    Doing a turn 43-670 PHL-HAR-PHL

    My girlfriend and I will be taking roughly that trip with the Pennsy portion in BC, and if anyone wants to join up, let me know!
  19. Green Maned Lion

    ARC Alternative GML

    ARC Alternative GML Why a tunnel? After looking at George Haikalis and RRWG’s idea of a tunnel from Hoboken Terminal to Penn Station, the thought dawned on me that we were not thinking outside of the box. I thought, instead, about a bridge from Hoboken to Penn, which would eliminate...
  20. Green Maned Lion

    My Great Trip!

    Note: The really detailed insightful and fun trip report will, as usual, be delivered later on by my girlfriend. She is so much better at that kind of stuff. For the purposes of my consist in recording Superliner I cars, UR means its completely un-refurbished in its 70s orange carpet motif. L1...