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  1. desertflyer

    A Very California February: SF to Disneyland

    A couple of weekends ago, my partner Vanessa and me decided to head down to Disneyland to check out the new Star Wars land. Instead of going the same old way (flying), I thought it might be fun to do something a little different. Our trip OKJ-SLO-CPN-LAX-ANA was booked! Amtrak happened to have...
  2. desertflyer

    #2 Detour Today 2/7/20 Between Houston & Beaumont?

    I was just glancing at asm.transitdocs.com and see that it looks like #2 is detouring. It's running 4hr 15min late. Anyone know the cause of the detour? Or is this just a normal event?
  3. desertflyer

    Does Amtrak Have Wrecked Superliner Sleepers?

    I know this might seem like a dumb questions, however I'm a bit curious. Here in California, our state sponsored service has quite a few formerly wrecked Superliner coaches that the state either leased or purchased (I'm not sure). This got me thinking, if there are wrecked Superliner coaches...
  4. desertflyer

    CS #11 and Surfliner Combined in SLO?

    I know someone on the Starlight #11 today and when they got to San Luis Obispo, the passengers were notified that the train would be combined with a southbound Surfliner (I believe 796?) and make all Surfliner stops to LA Union Station. Is this common? It turned their 30 minute delay into an...
  5. desertflyer

    Rumor: Coast Starlight to Lose Business Class

    There is a rumor among Amtrak staff that the Starlight is no longer going to offer business class. I'm not sure how business class yields were, but I do wish they would do a better job with the business class product on the Starlight.
  6. desertflyer

    Toronto->Ottawa and Ottawa->Quebec City Questions

    This May I'm traveling on Via in business class from Toronto to Ottawa (train 42), and then the following day Ottawa to Quebec (train 26). Is there a way to find out what type of equipment operates each train? On a side note, it was pretty expensive compared to similar Amtrak routes, but the...
  7. desertflyer

    Any Luck Getting the AGR Credit Card Fee Waived?

    I'm curious if anyone has had luck getting the $79 annual fee waived? Since this is my only account with Bank of America, I don't have much experience negotiating the fee with them. For years I got Barclays to waive their $100 annual fee on my American Airlines card. I've had luck with some...
  8. desertflyer

    City of New Orleans Hits a Tree

    Last weekend we had a great trip on the City of New Orleans from Chicago to NOLA. One of the more interesting moments in the trip came shortly before Brookhaven, MS station. The train was cruising along at 60mph+ when with a small jolt, we struck a tree that had fallen on the tracks. Track...
  9. desertflyer

    The Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago - January 2018

    Almost a year ago now we took a spur of the moment trip on the Empire Builder to see the winter scenery between Seattle and Chicago. Being from San Francisco, any time I get to see snow is novel, so it was quite the trip. I wrote it up on my blog with some pictures and video clips. You can view...
  10. desertflyer

    Southwest Chief #3 CHI-LAX live trip report

    Currently headed from Chicago to LA Union Station on train #3. The girlfriend and I are in a roomette. This was my first time seeing the newish Metropolitan Lounge at Chicago Union Station and I have to say I was impressed. Great natural light upstairs. Tanisha is our car attendant and she...
  11. desertflyer

    Minor BNSF Derailment in Madera Impacting San Joaquin Service

    There is currently a small derailment in Madera, CA impacting the San Joaquin route. A bus bridge is in place for the time being. Unfortunate that things like this happen, impacting the reliability of regional passenger service. Picture and report about it from local station CBS47.
  12. desertflyer

    Cambodia's Royal Railway

    Last December I rode Royal Railway's service from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh. This is recently restored train service using French built DMUs as cars. You can read my trip report with pictures and videos here: https://parkerday.com/cambodias-royal-railway/
  13. desertflyer

    Cascades Connection to the Same Train?

    I have a business class ticket on Cascades train 502 from Portland-Tacoma and our plans changed so we decided to just go ahead continue on, so I booked another ticket using points Tacoma-Seattle-Chicago with the first leg still on train 502. I've done this on other trains but I've not been on...
  14. desertflyer

    421 Sleeper Reversed Direction in Last Night's SAS Transfer

    I thought this was interesting but perhaps it is a normal occurrence. In the TE 421 transfer last night, the sleeper car reversed directions. We went to bed traveling one direction and woke up going the other. I wonder how that worked for the 421 coach? It got very warm in the car during the...
  15. desertflyer

    Booking Error 192A - Incorrect inventory? For 24 hours?

    I'm trying to book DAL-LAX on TE 421 departing this Saturday, Sep 30. One roomette has showed as available for the last 24 hours, but every time I try to book it I get the error 192A that the inventory has changed and the train is now sold out. I called Amtrak and they claim there is nothing...
  16. desertflyer

    Interview (9/5) with Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson on CBS This Morning

    Richard Anderson was interviewed on CBS This Morning. I thought it might be of interest here.
  17. desertflyer

    In Transit-A documentary about the people who ride the Empire Builder

    I stumbled upon this documentary about the people who made the Empire Builder. Unfortunately, it was funded by Al Jazeera America (now defunct) and the director died 3 days after approving the final cut, so it's not clear when it'll ever get a proper release.
  18. desertflyer

    Texas Eagle Los Angeles to Dallas

    I just posted a trip report on my blog from my most recent Amtrak trip, the train #422 from LA Union Station to Dallas Union Station. You can read the whole report here: https://parkerday.com/texas-eagle-la-to-dallas-tr/ Suffice to say it was a great trip! I apologize in advance that there are...
  19. desertflyer

    CS 14 Tehachapi Detour February 2017?

    I read over on Facebook that the northbound CS would be doing the Tehachapi detour February 5-21. Is this true? Does anyone have any more information?
  20. desertflyer

    Coupon Upgrade on Starlight?

    I was just about to book a trip on the Starlight from Oakland to LA and use my Amtrak World Mastercard business class upgrade coupon, and then I noticed this in the fine print of the coupon. This seems really strange to me that I can upgrade to first on the Acela, but not up to business on the...