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  1. Acela150

    Fare Policy Question

    Hi All, Since it's been so long since I've booked a trip that I may need refunded, and I can't remember details about it these days here I am. I may need to travel to the Boston area after the New Year. Right now Amtrak is offering discounted fares between PHL-BOS. What is the refund policy...
  2. Acela150

    Metrolink Operating Contract Bids Due

    Metrolink has established Monday the 6th of July at 2pm PDT as the time for all Bids to be in for the Operating Contract. Keolis, Herzog, and Bombardier are in the mix from my understanding. Bombardier has job postings for Metrolink. But it states that it's only IF they win the bid. It also...
  3. Acela150

    Modified Boarding and Cafe Service

    Hi All, Sunday I will be on board 2252 from PHL to RTE with the kids. I'm taking them back to Mass after a wonderful month long visit with them in Philly. Does anyone know if the Corridor is experiencing the "modified boarding"? They explain it as certain doors will open to "prevent crowding"...
  4. Acela150

    NEC Trackwork Season 2020

    The annual Trackwork will be beginning on the 16th I believe. A loaded ballast train for Amtrak was spotted on the NS Morrisville Line earlier today. Today being 3/5/2020. In Morrisville the train will be handed over to Amtrak. I believe that this year they will be focusing on the southern...
  5. Acela150

    Amtrak delivers best operating performance in company history

    Amtrak released Preliminary results for FY 2019 today. While an official breakdown is not yet available the operating loss is an amazing $29.8 Million which is an 82% improvement from FY 2018. Ridership is at a record 32.5 million. $Revenue at 3.3 Billion. Link below...
  6. Acela150

    MBTA Orders 80 Bi-Level Cars

    The MBTA apparently didn't learn their lesson the first time...
  7. Acela150

    Travel between PAO and NYP Business Travelers Edition

    As some of you are aware I drive part time for Uber. Yesterday (9/9) morning I picked up a gentleman and took him to Paoli. During the trip I asked him if he was going to NYC, Harrisburg, or catching Septa. He replied that he was going to NYC. It also came up that he was going to connect to an...
  8. Acela150

    Interesting Acela Fare Note

    As many of you are aware I take Amtrak to the Boston area from Philly quite a bit. I was looking into something for another online forum and took note of something very interesting. The First Class fare. PHL to the Boston area is 311, 321, or 322 miles depending on your station choice. WAS-NYP...
  9. Acela150

    NS 34A puts cars on the ground at Horseshoe Curve

    NS put about 10 cars on the ground about an hour ago at Horseshoe Curve. If one goes to YouTube and searches Horseshoe Curve a live webcam will pop up. Main One is passable a 40T passed by at Restricted Speed.
  10. Acela150

    Additional Saturday Acela Service

    Amtrak released a press statement stating that starting May 4th an additional Northbound and Southbound Acela Express train will be starting service. Train 2252 will now be a Saturday/Sunday train as well as Train 2255. 2252 departs Washington around 11am, and Train 2255 departs South Station...
  11. Acela150

    AGR Website

    I'm surprised that this hasn't been brought up. About a week ago Amtrak combined the AGR site with Amtrak.com and I honestly can't stand it. But that's my two cents and they didn't ask for my input. Lol!
  12. Acela150

    NJ Transit Botches Wrestlemania

    Surprise surprise....Transit botches something. This past Sunday was the annual WWE "Wrestlemania". This year it was held at MetLife Stadium in the meadowlands and had 80,000 plus attendees. For those who are wrestling fans like myself they know that this is the "Super Bowl" of Wrestling. Side...
  13. Acela150

    Stop Tweeting About Us OR ELSE! NS vs. Amtrak

    In an article on WSJ's webpage. NS recently not so shockingly and in true NS Fashion threatened Amtrak over Amtrak's tweets stating that certain trains are delayed "Due to Norfolk Southern Freight Train Interference"...
  14. Acela150

    NS shows that they don't care about their employees

    Today the Railroad community was in outrage when hundred if not thousands of "CT's", or Conductor Trainees were furloughed from Norfolk Southern.  As a former NS employee I can say this. NS should be disgusted with themselves. They went out to hire these folks just to show them the door. Many...
  15. Acela150

    Annual NEC Trackwork Starting March 4th

    March 4th is the day this year when the Annual blitz of track work along the Corridor will begin.  It should also be noted that the additional train to NFK will begin this day. 
  16. Acela150

    Amtrak Partner "Bieber Bus" Abruptly Shuts Down

    Friday 2/8 Amtrak Throughway Partner Bieber Bus based in Kutztown, PA abruptly shut down citing rising costs and low ridership numbers.  Passengers were left stranded in NYC, Philadelphia, and in different areas of the Lehigh Valley.  To make things worse it seems that Bieber Bus Employees...
  17. Acela150

    Current Leadership Letter

    Hi All, I was hoping to be able to go to the day on the hill with NARP this year, but things are a bit wacky money wise here, so I'll have to pass this year.  In the coming days I will be drafting a letter to send to my local representatives.  The letter will be addressing the current...
  18. Acela150

    Protect Motor at Secaucus now?

    Friday on 2160 and today on 173 I noticed what appeared to be a protect motor stored on a stub track Railroad West of Seacaucus. Is this a new practice? I'm used to a protect motor and Dual Mode sitting in A interlocking. If a protect motor has been placed in Seacaucus it seems like an odd...
  19. Acela150

    Rough Couple of Days on the Shoreline (late trains)

    In keeping an eye of Amtrak Status Maps the Regionals that have traversed the shoreline to and from Boston the past few days have taken an absolute beating.  Monday night Train 169 left almost 3 and a Half hours late. 169 spins from 162. To give you an idea on how things are. 67 left about 30...
  20. Acela150

    FC Meals on 2160

    Hey All, Next Friday Mom, Brother, Sister-In-law, and this jolly young elf will be boarding 2160 at PHL for RTE.  The last time I took 2160 FC I believe Breakfast was cold items only.  Anyone know if that is still the case??  TIA, Steve