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  1. Ollie12

    Crossing Central Africa by Train on the Transgabonaise

    Hi All I've just completed my write up of a journey from Libreville to Franceville onboard the Transgabonaise - a really amazing journey into the African jungle! If you're interested it's published here: Crossing Central Africa by Train on the Transgabonaise | TrainReview I hope everyone is...
  2. Ollie12

    Vietnam's Reunification Express

    Hi All I've just finished and published an article about our trip on Vietnam's Reunification Express from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. If anyone is interested it's posted here: Riding Vietnam's Reunification Express | Hanoi to Saigon | TrainReview I hope everyone is staying safe and well.
  3. Ollie12

    Australia's West Coast Wilderness Railway

    Hi All Another trip report if anyone's interested - this one is a little random but a super interesting trip on Tasmania's West Coast Wilderness Railway between the tiny remote towns of Strahan and Queenstown. What makes this trip interesting is the historic 1896 built steam locomotives that...
  4. Ollie12

    East / West through train

    A thought - is there any reason Amtrak couldn't run the consists that form the Southwest Chief, the California Zephyr and the Empire Builder further east than Chicago? By combining a western train with an eastern train Amtrak would create a true transcontinental experience, a one-seat ride with...
  5. Ollie12

    Empire Builder trip report

    Hi All Another trip report just published! This one on the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago. What a beautiful trip! My trip was pre-COVID so the service onboard described is pre-Flex Dining on Amtrak's western long distance trains. Riding Amtrak's Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago |...
  6. Ollie12

    Trip Report - Maine to Miami on Amtrak and Brightline

    Hi All I just got done publishing an article about a trip I took from Brunswick, ME to Miami on the Downeaster, an Acela, the Silver Meteor and Brightline. Unfortunately there is no travel from here still so it's a report on a trip from pre-COVID, but maybe of interest. Exploring the east...
  7. Ollie12

    Article on riding Amtrak's Cardinal (through West Virginia)

    If anyone is interested I wrote an article on my experience onboard the Cardinal from Chicago to NYC - I'd held off riding the Cardinal due to the dining car situation but was so glad I did in the end! Trip Report - Amtrak's Cardinal from Chicago to New York
  8. Ollie12

    Reunification Express trip report

    Before COVID closed down travel I was lucky enough to travel from London to Saigon by train through Russia etc. I've been writing a series of articles on the trip. If anyone is interested here is a link to the article. I'd vote the Reunification Express, particularly the section from Hue to...
  9. Ollie12

    Trip Report - Amtrak Acela Non-Stop (NYC

    Hi All - if anyone is interested I wrote a trip report on a trip I took on Amtrak's non-stop Acela back in January - I'm so excited for all of this to be over and to be back on the rails! It's long so I'll post the link: Our Ride on Amtrak's Acela Nonstop from NYC to Washington DC | Train Does...
  10. Ollie12

    My trip on the Capitol Limited

    If anyone's interested here's a report on my Captiol Limited trip including my views on Amtrak's new dining... TrainReview
  11. Ollie12

    Coast Starlight LAX SEA trip report

    Hi all Being based in Australia I don't get as many opportunities as I'd like to travel on Amtrak trains, but did make a big tour in 2018 / 2019 before all the borders slammed shut. I wrote articles on some of the trains I caught that I thought might be of interest. Amazing trip! I also...