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  1. Nick Farr

    Inconsistent Service: A bigger problem than the food?

    One of the consistent things that creeps up in discussions of Long Distance Dining is the inconsistent quality of the On-Board Service. If we really care about LD trains and seeing them continue, On-Board Service needs to be fixed. If you ride the LD trains long enough, you'll run across OBS...
  2. Nick Farr

    Without additional funding, how can Amtrak improve the LD trains?

    Before we begin, please don't beat up on Flex Dining here, there's a nice 20 page thread for that already. What I'm interested in discussing here are specific, actionable ideas that don't require a major increase in funding. How feasible they are is debatable. However, since we're in a...
  3. Nick Farr

    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    The discussion of full service dining on Long Distance trains got me thinking about who's riding today's Sleeper Cars. Amtrak probably made some assumptions about who's traveling and those decisions informed the demise of dining. I figured I'd ask here to see if my assumptions are aligning with...
  4. Nick Farr

    Is an Amtrak sleeper the safest way to travel in pandemic times?

    Normally I take Amtrak from Michigan out to Reno for projects I'm involved in out there and then fly back. Given how cramped an airplane is, the number of people I could come into contact with at an airport going through two major hubs (usually MSP, SLC) AND potential exposure during gas stops...
  5. Nick Farr

    CZ CHI-RNO and back for Jul 4th weekend: What should I document?

    I think this will be my 4th of 5th trip on the CZ, again in a roomette. Leaving CHI on 7/1 and returning 7/6. I'm pretty sure all meals will still be served in my room, but what I'm wondering is how they'll manage the lounge car. A recent YT video shows that the dining and lounge cars are...
  6. Nick Farr

    CHI to ABQ on the Southwest Chief

    I'm a longtime rider of the CZ, but never took a trip on the Southwest Chief. The big thing I really enjoyed about this trip were the big signs along the rails that appear to predate Amtrak. They were pointed directly at the trains and very briefly explained the locale or upcoming sights. The...