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  1. ScouseAndy

    Misleading YouTube video (Tips for Sleeping on an Amtrak Train)

    So this video popped up on my news feed this morning. It appears to be a newish official video. It offers tips on getting the nose out of coach class reclining seats according to the opening gambit. Then goes on to show lay flat (couchette?) beds. Power banks, private bedrooms, pristine white...
  2. ScouseAndy

    West Coast to New York - which way is best

    So due to the disgusting terrorism in Sri Lanka last weekend and the subsequent UK Govt advice against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka currently I need a plan B for my wife and I's vacation in mid September this year as if the travel advise is retained our travel insurer will insist on...
  3. ScouseAndy

    Booking tickets to Grand Canyon via Amtrak

    I have just discovered I can book tickets via the Amtrak website all the way thru to Grand Canyon for an additional $51 per way compared to tickets to Williams, but checking the Grand Canyon Railway Website the cost for a coach class ticket booked direct is just $39.50 each way (or Pulman Class...
  4. ScouseAndy

    Nashville to Williams

    Im putting the finishing touches to my honeymoon plans and as my future wife is a massive Nashville fan (the TV show) we have agreed that we will spend a few days in Nashville prior to our visit to the Grand Canyon On the web page Nashville to LA via a 5 hour bus to St Louis then the River...
  5. ScouseAndy

    Zero Emission Trains

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germany-unveils-zero-emissions-train-only-emits-steam-lower-saxony-hydrogen-powered-a7391581.html Germany to launch zero emission hydrogen powered trains as early as late 2017, with an initial order of 14 such trains for regional services with...
  6. ScouseAndy

    Marrakeck Express

    I am having 4 day weekend in Marrakeck and wondering if a ride up to Cassablanca would be worthwhile in so much as getting out of the city and seeing the countryside. Has anyone done this trip and is it worth it in terms of scenery? Any information any has would be greatfully recieved?
  7. ScouseAndy

    Extending the CZ to LA

    Has any discussion ever happened regarding the CZ down to LA rather than terminating at Emeryville? If you allowed a 1 hour padding stop and leaving Oakland at around 6pm south bound this would give a 8am arrival in LA, Eastbound it would be leaving LA at around 8pm (assuming 15 hours as per...
  8. ScouseAndy

    Pre Paid Meals Vouchers

    When purchasing coach tickets why doesnt Amtrak offer an upgrade to have inclusive dining car meals on LD services? This would generate more revenue for the dining car and give the perception of better value compared to standard ticketing prices + spending $20 + per meal The down side is that...
  9. ScouseAndy

    Extended Transfers

    is there a way to book a single ticket from San Francisco to NY via the CZ and Cardinal overnighting in Chicago to guarantee the connection? I know I can book single tickets but the cost of single tickets is in excess of the price of a single straight thru ticket the same day and surely by...
  10. ScouseAndy

    Ways to Improve Business Class

    Apologies if this has already been discussed I did search but couldn't find a thread on this. Im trying to get my head around why anyone would pay for Business Class on some long distance journeys as it seems like rather poor value for money and what Amtrak could do to improve the perception...