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  1. Railroad Bill

    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Noticed that Pennsylvanian 42 was running close to ontime until after Lancaster Pa, where it now is 3+ hours down. Westbound 43 was held up in Philly all afternoon. Anyone know of an accident or freight derailment in that area?
  2. Railroad Bill

    Northbound 90 Delayed after pedestrian struck near Charleston SC

    Latest news from Charleston SC that northbound 90 Palmetto struck a pedestrian and is now delayed.
  3. Railroad Bill

    No Checked Bags at Cleveland

    Just received a notice from Amtrak that there will be no checked bags at Cleveland station for my trip which is scheduled for Wed morning at 2:45am. Rather short notice and very surprised that we have now lost this service. Not sure if there was a problem with acquiring a baggage car on 29/29...
  4. Railroad Bill

    Wind Warnings & Sandusky Bay Bridge Amtrak Traffic

    With our current winds gusting to over 60 mph and continuing until tomorrow morning I am wondering if the eastbound 30 and 48 will be delayed in Ohio.  NS had often prohibited traffic across the Sandusky Bay bridge west of Sandusky when winds endanger high container trains.  This has happened to...
  5. Railroad Bill

    Amtrak Store in Chicago Closed

    Some sad news that the Amtrak Store in CUS has closed. I bought some nice pins and T-shirts on our trip in June but this trip I found the gates down and all merchandise gone. I talked to a Red Cap who had entered the room and he said his understanding was the store would be closed for...
  6. Railroad Bill

    Washout on SW Chief Line Delays 3 & 4 in New Mexico

    According to a report on TrainOrders both SWC 3 & 4 have been sitting northeast of ABQ due to a washout of the track. Amtrak status shows both trains 3-4 hours behind but may be moving?. I believe 3 is somewhere around Lamy and 4 has made it to Las Vegas, NM. We are leaving next week on 3 and...
  7. Railroad Bill

    CL 29 (24) 5 hours late Rockville to Harpers Ferry?

    See that Capitol Ltd 29 lost nearly 5 hours between Rockville and Harpers Ferry after leaving WAS on time. Accident? Mechanical breakdown? Other? CL having tough times lately. :(
  8. Railroad Bill

    Capitol Ltd service suspended (8/2/17) CSX Derailment in PA; restored

    Capitol Ltd 30 &29 service was suspended today due to major train derailment near Hyndman, Pa this morning. LPG gas and other hazardous chemicals in derailed cars. Town was evacuated. Buses taking passengers between WAS & PGH. Service may be suspended for several days while reconstruction of...
  9. Railroad Bill

    Pennsylvanian 43 delayed 2 hours in Harrisburg?

    Just noticed Pennsylvanian 43 sat at Harrisburg for nearly two hours today. Anyone have any info on what happened? Equipment failure? weather issues? freight train delays.
  10. Railroad Bill

    Capitol Ltd 29 (8) lost 6 Hours CUM-COV?

    Noticed CL 29 lost about 6 hours somewhere between Cumberland Md and Connellsville,Pa yesterday and has not reached PGH yet. Anyone on board know what happened?
  11. Railroad Bill

    Amtrak Summer Loop Tour 2017 Cleveland Kansas City STL

    Amtrak Summer Loop Tour 2017 Cleveland-Chicago-Kansas City-St Louis- Chicago- Cleveland June 13-19, 2017 Tuesday June 13 It has been over a year since our last Amtrak adventure as health issues and moving to our new home took precedence over train riding. But after getting moved in late May, we...
  12. Railroad Bill

    Checked luggage from St Louis to Cleveland

    We are returning home from St Louis to Cleveland and wondering if I can check our luggage at St Louis on the Eagle and Cap Ltd to CLE if we are taking Lincoln Service #302 from STL to CHI?
  13. Railroad Bill

    Have 2 Lounge Passes Available

    Since my wife & I had to cancel our Amtrak trips due to health issues, I have two Amtrak lounge passes that are good until December 31, 2016 for anyone who would like to PM me with their address to mail them. Hoping one of our members might be able to use them before they expire.
  14. Railroad Bill

    CZ #5 delayed in Denver this morning (10/22)?

    Have a friend boarding CZ #5 in Denver this morning. Train arrived early but left 1.5 hours late and is running late into Granby. Anyone know what caused the delay? :unsure:
  15. Railroad Bill

    My New York Summer Adventure LSL & Empire Service

    Cleveland to Utica to Poughkeepsie to Albany to Cleveland June 3-7, 2016 Lake Shore Limited and Empire Service in New York Decided to attend the Key Lock & Lantern Convention in Utica NY last week and thus an Amtrak ride was in order. Friday June 3 Left Cleveland at 5:30am after a nice...
  16. Railroad Bill

    My Missouri River Runner points run

    Our recent trip to St Louis to visit relatives and friends in the area became an auto trip from Ohio due to time constraints and thus my only Amtrak Adventure involved a short ride on the Missouri River Runner from STL to HEM (Hermann, Mo). As part of our pre-trip festivities, I visited the...
  17. Railroad Bill

    June Schedule Changes for Empire Service in NY

    Just received a notice from Amtrak about my planned trip from Utica to NYP in June. I was originally scheduled on Train 280 at 7:50am but now am moved to a Train 282 leaving at 9:50am. Looks like they eliminated both Train 280 and 284 and created this new train. No explanation and was not real...
  18. Railroad Bill

    Changing names/passenger on an AGR sleeper reservation.

    I am sure there has been some discussion of this previously, but I was only able to find threads pre-AGR2. So here is my situation: My model RR club has planned a trip from CLE-DEN in late April. We have 14 of us going in a combination of roomettes and a couple of bedrooms. We made our...
  19. Railroad Bill

    Amtrak Ohio to Florida Winter Trip 2016

    Amtrak Florida Winter Trip 2016 January 13-21, 2016 Cleveland-Washington DC-Winter Park-Apopka-Orlando-Winter Park Washington DC-Cleveland Wednesday Jan 13 After checking Amtrak for OTP of our train CL #30 and determining it was running nearly on-time at Waterloo, Indiana, we decided to...
  20. Railroad Bill

    Capitol Ltd 30/12 One Loco and no baggage car

    It was reported that the Capitol Ltd 30/12 leaving Chicago this evening had only one locomotive and no baggage car. This was seen as the train passed the cameras at Chesterton, Indiana. Wonder what happened and how they will be handling checked baggage on the train? :unsure: