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  1. Dan O

    Freight trains through Beaumont CA

    We are locked down for a bit more in CA but hoping to be set somewhat free soon. If we can go someplace other than the store, doctor, etc we may consider going to watch trains in Beaumont/Banning area for a bit. It seems like a lot of trains run there during daylight. I know the Sunset Limited...
  2. Dan O

    Viewliner sleeper bathrooms

    Do the Lake Shore Limited sleeper cars have bathrooms other than in the room? Thanks
  3. Dan O

    Saw this recently (FRA Office of Safety car)

    While driving in WY just off I-80. Last car "Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety"
  4. Dan O

    14 is all kinds of late today (1/17/19)

    Started an hour late but by the time it left Van Nuys it was over 6.5 hours late. It's now 7 hours late.  Any idea on what went wrong?
  5. Dan O

    Inherited train that has been altered

    Greetings, I inherited a nice Lionel train (nice at one point anyway) but it has been altered quite a bit. The engine appears to be original but the tender has a RR painted on the side that was used in a diorama. The rest of the cars, 3 that were flat cars, have been altered considerably. Flat...
  6. Dan O

    Denver to LAX

    I'd like to take the California Zephyr to someplace in northern California before transferring to a train that would take me to LA. If I didn't care to see the best of the Rockies, I could just take a bus to the SWC and arrive at 8 or so in the morning. But if I want to go through the Rockies I...
  7. Dan O

    B of A card changes for me

    I just got an email that my B of A Amtrak card is going to issue me a new card. Apparently it's due to my card possibly being compromised at an unnamed merchant. It would be nice if I knew which one so I could avoid them but that's another story. This is the second time this year (last time in...
  8. Dan O


    I took my wife and daughter to see my son, daughter in law and granddaughter in Dallas. We took the 421 from Los Angeles to Dallas, via San Antonio. My 13 year old daughter was a bit surprised to see just how small the roomettes really are. She wasn't crazy about them when we started the trip...
  9. Dan O

    San Bernardino Downtown station parking (Metrolink)

    I went to park and drop off my daughter at the new downtown San Bernardino Metrolink station but couldn't find a place to park. The website says there are over 100 parking places. North of the train tracks seemed to be for buses only. I didn't see anywhere south to park either. So we went to the...
  10. Dan O

    Two questions

    I may be taking a train trip with 2 or 3 family members in August 2018 from Los Angeles to Dallas or Fort Worth. Three are pretty much going for sure so I was going to get two roomettes across from each other. Not sure if this trip will include 3 or 4 passengers. Would it be wiser to make the...
  11. Dan O

    Delta changes policy on service animals

    http://money.cnn.com/2018/01/19/news/companies/delta-service-animals/index.html More and more I see chihuahuas and other small dogs in grocerty stores, government bldgs, etc. Is everyone w/ a small pooch disabled?
  12. Dan O

    Metrolink ticket machine down

    My daughter arrived just before the Riverside Metrolink train left yesterday AM. She had just a minute or two (shouldn't have cut it that short) to buy a ticket but the machines were down. What are the options she could have used that involved riding the train (kept driving to LA instead)? Can...
  13. Dan O

    Two things in AZ re freight engines

    Recently drove on I-10 through AZ and saw two things of interest. One place we saw a lot of engines all apparently on the same track. I mean there were at least 30 and maybe 50 or more. I was driving and didn't see them until someone pointed them out so missed some of them. Any idea what they...
  14. Dan O

    Change/cancel sleeper reservation

    A friend has an AGR reservation from Los Angeles to Chicago on a sleeper. He called AGR to change the departure point from Los Angeles to Riverside. He was told he'd have to cancel and get another ticket. Does that sound correct? Thanks,
  15. Dan O

    CZ late into Chicago--stay in sleeper

    I have a friend who was on the California Zephyr that arrived in Chicago about 9-10 hours late. He was scheduled to connect to the Lake Shore Limited but that left about 3 hours before he got to Chicago. He was on a sleeper on the CZ and going to be in coach on the LSL. Anyway, when he got to...
  16. Dan O

    Commuter train and Fed Ex truck in Utah

  17. Dan O

    Pacific Surfliner evacuated near Chatsworth (Gunman)

    Man with gun barricades himself inside a car. No shots fired or injuries reported as of this moment. http://abcnews.go.com/US/amtrak-train-la-evacuated-reports-armed-passenger/story?id=42154581
  18. Dan O

    Rail Pass and points

    Can one buy a rail pass with AGR points? Thanks, Dan
  19. Dan O

    Parking at San Bernardino

    Hello, I am about an hour by car from San Bernardino and have never thought of it as that safe of a place. The Metrolink and Amtrak stations are not in the best area of town. That given, does anyone who knows the area better have any idea how safe it would be to park a car there overnight for...
  20. Dan O

    Student discount

    I have nothing against students. I have two kids 17 and 24 that would qualify for the discount. As I understand it, students 17-25 can qualify. I find it odd that kids 13-16, who are presumably in school and students too, don't get the same discount. It wasn't too awful long ago that they got...