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    Nevada Rain, Desert Wind Track Damaged

    Aloha I do not have any picture links but Monday's rain has washed away much of the earth under the tracks used buy the Desert Wind to Salt Lake City. Freight traffic is not expected to resume before the week end. I wonder it that will have an effect on the California Zephyr.
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    Chooseing Between Bus Companies

    Aloha I need to by tickets for someone else between LA and LV. BOLT, Greyhound, and Megabus all offer service. Greyhound is most known to me, Bolt is cheapest. All have schedules that work. Any Recommendations? Mahalo Eric.
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    RBBBBTrain - Las Vegas

    Aloha This train arrived this morning around 5:00am according to one of the roustabouts. They will unload it tonight after it cools off. No working camera but this years train looks about the same as last year.
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    Pelham 1-2-3, The movie

    Aloha TCM is running the original, 10 min in and it blows away the new one, and the new one is a good movie.
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    Amtrak PDF Timetables

    Aloha I really wish would prepare their PDF timetables for printing. Most are 8-1/2x11, 2 sided but when printed they need 3 pages. I considered Printing the system timetable it is 149 pages so I ordered one direct from Amtrak. But If I had chosen to print, there are several pages that are...
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    Aloha Were any of our AU Members affected by the Philadelphia Building collapse this morning?
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    Personal Prayer Request

    Aloha This is a repeat of a post I made on Facebook. Aloha to all my friends and acquaintances. On Wednesday morning, June 19, in Hawaii, I will be represented by Charles Lotsoft at the Hawaii Supreme Court, regarding City actions blacklisting Rick and myself at City venues. I have full faith...
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    Recording in Public Places and Your First Amendment Rights

    Aloha Here is a link to an excelent article on this subject. http://www.videomaker.com/article/15619-recording-in-public-places-and-your-first-amendment-rights?utm_source=enews&utm_medium=email&utm_content=article3_2012_sat_10_27&utm_campaign=traffic
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    Heads Up - Vegas Travelers

    Aloha Our Local news tonight announced that the Tropicana signed a participation agreement with Hilton Honor's program. This hotel is near the south end of the Strip. It shares the corners of Tropicana ant the Las Vegas Strip with the MGM, NYNY and Excalibur. Deal expected to be ready in...
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    Helpful Video Site

    Aloha I think this Video Site will be of interest to the Videographers among us.
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    Out and about

    Aloha Joe and I were out and about when we saw this. This is on the UP main line, behind the "Strip". No connection to the Desert Express. I believe the track limit in this area is 35mph. :rolleyes:
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    April, Vegas, Thomas

    Aloha As some know I volunteer at the Nevada Southern Railway Museum. In April, second and third week, 14-15-21-22, we are having a visit from Thomas the train and Sir Topin Hat. Considering the expected crowds, the Museum can use all the volunteer hepl they can get. So if you are thinking...
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    UP 844

    Aloha Here is a teaser And here is the Gallery of her Vegas visit
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    Cajon Fire

    Aloha Anyone know if the UP tracks near Victorville are affected by the Cajon Fire I-15 was mostly shut down from about 1:00pm. The news said it was taking 12 hours between LA and Vegas. I am curios if we still had the Desert Wind if it would be affected? Or would it be an alternative to go...
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    Copyright information

    Aloha I was sent this link to an Article on Copyright for videographer's.I hope you find it interesting.
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    OH No

    Aloha Our government at waste
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    Aloha Anyone know the impact on LA's Transit due to the closure of LA's 405? One of the lines runs down the middle of the 405.
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    Movie, The Taking of Pelham 123

    Aloha Watching this movie for the ? time, I noticed that the motorman is shown in the right-hand seat to drive the train. When the character "Garver" drives the train he sits in the left hand seat. Did Hollywood make another mistake, or can the train be driven from both sides? Mahalo
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    LAUS National Train Day

    Aloha Friday Morning Gathered up the cats and departed Las Vegas on the original Desert Wind to Fullerton California at 10:50 AM. Arrived at the Amtrak Station at 3:15 after surviving I-15 traffic and the California Agriculture inspection with the cats. Seemed the inspector thought the cat...