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    Track Condition

    When I was on Auto Train there were areas where train jolted as well a few years ago. I am assuming freight rails are not geared for higher speeds and as such have worse trackage overall and Amtrak needs to use this for long haul rail.
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    LIRR Radar shows all the train locations

    Was told about the radar.mylirr.org page which shows all the LIRR and equipment trains. I have never seen the LIRR in this viewing mode before.
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    Track Condition

    Amtrak runs on different trackage throughout the USA including some which they own themselves. There are known areas of rough rail in non upgraded sections. Some areas have seen upgrades to continuously welded rail especially on the NEC which will be increasing their speeds. I am not sure...
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    Election results and Amtrak

    There have been Presidential trains before. Reagan last used the Ferdinand Magellan train in 1984 for the Heartland tour. The congress has used Amtrak train sets as well. However I do believe trains represent the past and not the future unless we figure out how to do high speed trains at low...
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    Long Island Railroad

    Was looking at the Long Island Railroad planned work and noticed they added a switch installation for Westbound trains from Jamaica to Penn Station. I wonder if it is a higher speed switch as part of the Jamaica Capacity improvement project or perhaps a train siding or something else. The...
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    Stations that should be replaced

    The nicest stations are the oldest stations or retrofits of old historical buildings for use as Amtrak stations. Most places do not even need a full station as many of Amtrak’s stops are small rural locations. Some locations like Penn Station in NYC which has the most usage in Amtrak...
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    Voters in Austin, Texas, pass $7 billion mass transit plan

    Austin, Texas has become way too leftist and this project will lead to much higher taxes. My own opinion is rail transportation should be privately owned and operated and there should be usage based fees for service where it has to generate profits.
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    "New" Buffalo Station

    Lake Shore Limited stops at the older Buffalo Depew station. Not sure if or when that station will get upgraded as well.
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    New Amtrak Moynihan train hall at NYP

    It is hard to believe that the new Moynihan train hall will finally be ready soon which will make using Amtrak at Penn Station in NYC so much nicer in every way including the new Metropolitan Lounge! I hope they improve boarding procedures. I presume NJ Transit will take over the existing...
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    Lake Shore Limited NYP to Chicago

    The main hub of Amtrak to get west seems to be Union Station in Chicago for all of the trains from New York City. Fastest way from Ny Penn Station is the Lake Shore Limited coming in at over 19 hours to get there. A lot of infrastructure work has occurred on the line as well. The new...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    The transmission mechanism is still not fully understood. Unclear if they can remove this virus from an infected train but people who take the train will continue to get infected by other passengers as the numbers keep going up.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-us-woman-tests-positive-105230812.html I knew this would happen which is why I didn’t travel anywhere. Even Columbia University is being shut down temporarily as a preventative measure. It has gotten to be a very serious matter all over. The Amtrak...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Amtrak is an open system without monitoring and has old train sets which I presume are not equipped with Modern HEPA filters on their older train cars. The newer cars like Acela may have them already and if not the replacements will definitely have them as they come online for both Amfleet and...
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    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.?

    I never had problems when I used NJ Transit before. I know they have had some issues but I doubt they are the worst. Can’t comment on the best as there are so many and most of them get you to where you need to go.
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    Coronavirus and other virus and bacteria on mass transit

    Im not doing either unless I feel better, or Ill go to the doctor if I get worse. I think the Coronavirus from China is pretty well contained for those who are high risk.
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    Coronavirus and other virus and bacteria on mass transit

    Im not traveling now till I get better but it is probably a regular illness.
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    Coronavirus and other virus and bacteria on mass transit

    I tried to take all precautions but have a fever and a cough now. Im not feeling super sick as I seem to be feeling somewhat better but if I see any complications I will contact a doctor. Nothing out of the ordinary right now. All the coronavirus news is scary but its unlikely I have it as I...
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    Coronavirus and other virus and bacteria on mass transit

    Apparently the R211 subway cars have a modern filtration system. I found a website with details on it. The R211 will phase out cars up to the R46. I don’t know which cars also have the systems. I guess eventually all the cars will be R1xx models which probably have the filtration systems but...
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    Coronavirus and other virus and bacteria on mass transit

    As being in NYC, I have felt ill myself recently and while I wasn’t in China or near anyone regularly from affected areas, the virus and bacteria on mass transit is still always in my mind. New airplanes have powerful HEPA filtration systems and I don’t know what filtration systems subways and...
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    Protestors need to be arrested and banned from the MTA

    Under Giuliani, and even Bloomberg the system was in better shape. This decline especially of quality of life issues has spiraled out of control under De Blasio. Governor Cuomo to his benefit actually brought more cops to the subways and that is when these protests started to occur. The vast...