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    Post-vaccine Amtrak travel

    I think it will be some time before I have the pre-Covi confidence. That doesnt mean we won't travel...just that we will do it safely. Availability of vaccine is only one variable in traveling.
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    How does Amtrak Arrow system work?

    I still have a 360 assembler reference card. I'm not sure Newbies would know assembler, as it hasn't been taught in awhile. Even newer versions of Conol and CICS are built on the old. In the other hand, a mainframe rarely returned an OS exception and was amazingly CPU efficient. However, it...
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    What if the Milwaukee Road didn't de-energize the Pacific Extension

    Didn't Milwaukee produce the Little Joe's for Russia? Why did they never take possession?
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    First time on Amtrak

    We have a lot of heated tents: 65 to 70 deg temps with air circulation.
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    New sleeper cars 21st century features?

    I cant imagine having a smelly toilet in a roomette, beneath a seat. But I've never tried the Eastern trains. I do agree that small improvements would be welcome, but our trips are always centered on the food.
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    New sleeper cars 21st century features?

    We took the OBB from Salzburg to Vienna in Sep and loved it in coach as well as the Vienna train bus station. Very different than the Hungarian train. To me, the west European trains are very similar to each other...but never tried the sleepers
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    What if the Milwaukee Road didn't de-energize the Pacific Extension

    Did the fact that Milwaukee Road had ability to build it's own cars and locomotives give them an advantage? Or does every railroad have this? Maintenance and product design must differentiate service...no?
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    Booked Amtrak Trip. Now I'm Confused.

    True. But I've always found it difficult quickly finding places relative to Chicago Union Station...the place is HUGE. But there are places to eat in the station.
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    Amendment to CR blocking furloughs and thrice weekly long distance trains

    Also, it seems the notion of a "national railroad" only on the eastern seaboard is a bit of a dicotomy.
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    Anyone been on LD trains recently?

    So 91 is which route?
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    Amtrak price increases causing low ridership in addition to Covid 19?

    My family rode EB for the first time recently. We felt, with the roomettes, that the train was safer than a plane. We'd considered driving a rental but chose the train for these reasons: 1. the novelty 2. a touch of the extravagant (meals on wheels) 3. no driving, sleep/nap when desired 4. road...
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    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    I would consider Amtrak western sleepers to be safe, assuming you do due-diligence and wipe everything down. I guess they do sprays but I don't know how thorough those are. And while wiping down surfaces before we sat down, it was obvious that there was a lot of dirt and grime. So I wasn't...
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    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    The Amtrak site says the air is recirculated. (Not as often as an airplane though.) We never smelled anything in the air.
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    Meals in the room?

    On the final day of our recent westbound EM trip to Whitefish, the dining card closed just before our assigned dining time. No explanations were given. But the SCAs, automatically banded together, came to the cars, took the dinner orders, and delivered them in paper bags. Because our SCA had so...
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    Anyone been on LD trains recently?

    We had something like this on the last segment of an eastbound return of the EB last week: from the CONDUCTOR. she greeted people at every stop, explained where things were on train, explained in detail when we ran into issues, and had the dining car and cafe car attendants indicate dining...
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    How reliable is Air Conditioning in Bedroom cars

    We took the EB Sep 15 CHI to WFH, fmreturn Sep 21. We tried playing with the Cool-Normal-Warm control and the ceiling vent slider control. Although it was uncomfortable at times, I just noticed it on occassion: sleeping was one. Just for comparison, I'd say the same challenge exists as a...
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    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    Yep. Vanilla was an option on a recent eastbound EB: cookie, brownie, blondie, vanilla pudding. Could have multiples
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    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    In our trip last week, EB eastbound had 3 prong (including ground) outlets but I thought westbound was 2