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    Possible improvements to LSL/CL Dining

    Just came back from Chicago on #48 in a sleeper, and the Sleeper Lounge LSA, which is now a Chicago based job, was telling another passenger of pending improvements based on a test run she did a few weeks ago. The tentative rollout is Jan. 16. It will include 4 or 5 hot entrees for (presumably)...
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    Chefs being removed off Capitol Limited

    A friend of mine, who is a chef on the Capital, just posted on FB that he was told the Chef jobs are being eliminated on that route. I would assume that means a conversion to Diner Lite is imminent. Maybe Thirdrail has more info or can confirm?
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    Cashless Acela cafe

    Effective Jan 17, All Acela cafes will operate on a credit card basis only, No cash.
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    Express Deals

    Am I missing something, or have the express deals, especially for sleepers, dried up?
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    Onboard sleeper upgrades

    A revised sleeping car upgrade policy was issued, effective 10/1/12. The basic difference appears to be that the price onboard will be whatever the current bucket price is showing in the Arrow system (including any applicable discount). That and it specifically states that the Pax. must decide...
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    Due to the recent article in PTJ regarding possible discontinuance of these train services, My family has expressed an interest in possibly riding this fall. Does anyone have RECENT experience with riding? I'm looking for amenities available other than the typical coach. IE is there any dome...
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    Amtrak Ink

    For those of you patiently waiting, Amtrak announced their "INK" newsletter will be resuming in June. It was not issued for a few months due to "changing printing systems and revamping of the newsletter", to paraphrase the announcement I read.