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    Bedroom vs. Roomette?

    Well, I was supposed to take two train trips next year. One in January from ELT to Kissimmee and the other from Lakeland to ELT. I had to cancel because my major spinal surgery has been pushed back to January. Therefore, since I got all my points back for both trips, I decided to splurge and go...
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    Amtrak COVID Policy (refund of points for cancellation)?

    Hi. I’m going to Florida next month on the Star. However, I am going to need another spinal surgery, so there is a chance I may have to cancel (again) 😢Can you still get all your AGR points refunded?
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    Reserved Keystones?

    To get to PHL from Elizabethtown, I paid cash, whereas the Star trip I used AGR points. I noticed that on 664, I have a reserved coach seat. The portion of the Keystones from Harrisburg to PHL has always been “unreserved.” I’m assuming this is because of COVID-19? How does the seating work with...
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    Silver Service changes?

    I’ve rescheduled a Florida trip for September 6-going from Elizabethtown to Kissimmee, FL. I’m guessing Amtrak is only operating 1 daily train to Florida at this time. I am on the 91 Silver Star, leaving PHL at 12:35 PM and arriving at KIS AT 10:44 AM the next day. I know that the Star was...
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    When will Keystones resume?

    I’m just wondering when they will restart the Keystones again—at least the Harrisburg to Philadelphia portion. I want to hopefully take a long-distance trip to Florida later in summer, but would like to go from Elizabethtown.
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    Will I Be Penalized For Canceling trip using AGR points?

    I am booked on the Meteor for 5/9/20 from Elizabethtown to Miami. However, my health has deteriorated since I made the reservation; I am going to need spinal surgery. Therefore, I will be unable to make the trip [emoji22]. I redeemed Guest Rewards points for this trip. Will they still deduct 10%...
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    Cascades: Business Class or Coach Class?

    I am traveling from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC in August 2020 on the Cascades. Which is better, Coach or Business Class? It’s an 8 hour ride, so I want to be comfortable...
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    Next Trip Booked: ELT to MIA in May 2020

    I’m booked on the Pennsylvanian and Silver Meteor for May 2020. I’ll be going from Elizabethtown to Miami. I’ve read/heard rumors that the Meteor is probably going to lose its diner. Say it isn’t so! Would it end up being like the Star with just a cafe car? Will I still get my meals included...
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    Silver Star: Pleasantly Surprised

    Just completed my trip on the Star. I was pleasantly surprised with the no-dining car experience. The cafe was never crowded, the cafe well-stocked and attendant helpful and friendly. My sleeping car attendant was also friendly and helpful: Bianca assisted me thoughtfully throughout my journey...
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    Silver Star oversold at Richmond?

    I’m on the Silver Star #92, and conductor just made an announcement the train is “oversold” at Richmond. What does this mean? I know they closed the lounge to seat these passengers. Does it affect sleeper passengers?
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    What time should I be at Tampa? What time do they start boarding? Is it like Kissimmee?

    Tomorrow is my trip home on the Silver Star. I am scheduled to leave Tampa at 5:27 PM. What time should I be at the station? I saw the Star was late getting into Tampa today. Just curious...
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    Pacific Surfliner recommendations

    Now here’s a different question. I am planning on taking the Pacific Surfliner round trip between Anaheim and San Diego. There are two different seating classes: Coach and Business Class, and I am wondering if Business Class is worth the extra $$$. I’ve never ridden a train in California, so I...
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    Silver Star On-Time Performance

    Well, in less than 2 weeks, I will be riding the Silver Star from Tampa to Philadelphia. What is the performance history for Train 92? Is it frequently delayed? The reason I’m asking is I am scheduled to transfer to Keystone 669 for the leg to Elizabethtown. What happens if it is delayed and I...
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    Mini-Marts Near Tampa Station

    I will be riding the Silver Star in March, boarding at Tampa. What is the area around the TPA station like? Are there places where you can buy drinks and snacks near the station? Looking to save a few dollars...
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    Vermonter: Anything I should be aware of?

    Just about a week until I ride the Vermonter from Montpelier to Philadelphia. I am riding in Business Class. I recently received a “change” in my departure from MPR; however the time wasn’t unchanged. What’s this all about? Are there any other issues I should be aware of?
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    Silver Star in March; Any suggestions?

    I’m looking at taking a train home from a vacation in Florida in 2019; this time from Tampa on the Silver Star. I know that the Star does not have a diner, just a lounge. Should I pack a small cooler or are the food offerings on board sufficient? Any more suggestions?
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    Today is the day! (KIS - PHL on Silver Meteor)/Thanks

    I’m currently riding on Lyft to the Kissimmee station. The big day is finally here! Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Sleeping Car: What should I expect?

    Well just 18 days and counting until my long awaited first sleeping car trip. I have a few more questions.. 1. What should I expect at Kissimmee? I’ve been told they will direct me as to where I board. Will I be given a tour of my sleeper (i.e Where’s the shower, who my car attendant is, etc)...
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    Club Acela: Should I dress up?

    I will have little over an hour (provided the Meteor is on time getting into Philly) between changing trains. I guess my sleeper ticket allows me to use Club Acela. How should I dress? I’ve flown First Class several times, and I’m often the only one who is not wearing a suit and tie. I go dressy...
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    Silver Meteor layovers

    Just a little over a month until my grand adventure from Kissimmee to Elizabethtown. Does the Silver Meteor provide rest stops, where the train is stopped at a station for a length of time and everyone can get off to stretch out? I remember riding the LSL to Boston back in 1990, as well as the...