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  1. JoeBas

    Bag Storage @ WUS

    Good Afternoon, My family and I will be traveling from Washington Union to 30th street via Acela BC in a couple of weeks (AGR member, with no status after burning my points last year before devaluation / no paid travel). We'll be mid-transit and have decent sized bags that we'd like to leave...
  2. JoeBas

    Denver Passenger Drop-Off?

    Anyone know if there is a passenger drop off area at Denver Union, and if so where? TIA...
  3. JoeBas

    Double Booking a week apart? Wha???

    Okay so... Have an AGR trip back home from vacation PHL-HOS expecting to leave PHL on 19 this afternoon. Found out when I woke up this morning that my grandmother passed unexpectedly last night, which obviously puts my plans in a bit of a boggle - family is not sure how long it will take to...
  4. JoeBas

    Track-a-train down?

    Is Amtrak's Train Tracker down? All we're getting here on multiple devices is a blank white page... my folks are planning to head east on 2 out of HOS this afternoon and it's several hours down, we'd really like to keep track of it en route.
  5. JoeBas

    2(24) detouring in SE Texas

    All, Train 2(24) is detouring off their usual track between HOS & BMT this afternoon. Anyone know what's up?
  6. JoeBas

    Unrequested Refund

    Well, this is a new one on me... I called in to add my wife's brand-spanking-new AGR number to our reservation for late June (now that we're within the 90 day bonus "referral" window), and asked to have a new E-ticket and e-mail sent confirming the addition. I'd used AMSNAG the other day but...
  7. JoeBas

    NOL - Magnolia Room

    Leaving next Monday on the Crescent, anyone know if the Magnolia Room refurb is finished yet?
  8. JoeBas

    Forced Connection 92/19

    All, I'm planning a return trip back "Down South" from North Carolina on a clear, crisp Sunday in October. I'd like to take 92 to Washington and connect to 19 there for the ride back to New Orleans, however this results in a "Forced Connection" (Scheduled arrival WAS on 92 at 3:15, Scheduled...