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    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    Moderators, please move this if inappropriate for this section. We are not usually customers of private or tourist rail, it's just not our thing. We prefer long distance commuter train journeys and would include all of the LD Amtrak trains in that. We may be passing close to Durango and if the...
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    Refunds on Saver and Value fares

    Re refunds: With the current fee waver on tickets bought up until 31 May 2020, does this include full refunds on Value and Saver fares too? I have read the detail on fare conditions for each of them, but not sure the virus caused fee waiver applies to all tickets. Thank you
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    Denver to Raton ~ Thruway Bus route?

    Does anyone know the exact route of the 8603 Thruway Bus? Thanks
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    Superliner Bedroom - Dumb question

    We've travelled on Amtrak LD trains a bit now and for both of us it's about 'train travel and the people onboard' not the equipment. That's not to say that we/I don't appreciate the rolling stock, just don't pay it any special attention. That's my excuse for this dumb question. Are Superliner...
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    Was this ever used by Amtrak?

    Just curious. Heard and saw this in Luxor, Egypt today, sounded and looked like a US engine, but was it? If it is from the US, when was it used to and from please. More detail in the Egypt travelogue when I get that far.
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    Egypt by Rail ~ 2020

    In a week we'll be off to Cairo. Hear it's a busy, chaotic and restless city, just what we need after rural France. To be continued (probably erratically)...
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    Pacific Surfliner ~ Can tickets be transferred to a later train?

    We are flying into Los Angeles and want to continue on to San Diego the same day on the Surfliner. If we buy tickets for a train but then have a flight delay or other problem that holds us up so we miss our chosen train, is it possible to transfer our tickets to a later train without any charge...
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    San Diego -> Florida routes

    Just wondering if you were to make this trip which of the routes you would use and why. Thanks
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    LIRR from Jamaica to Penn Station question

    Is the NYC Metro card usable for the LIRR or is it a separate ticket? I'm slightly confused by this (ok easily done with me) but we arrive NYC next Tuesday and would be good to know. I understand the JFK Airtrain uses the metro cards for the journey from the airport to Jamaica station, we have...
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    Is this a scam?

    Have just received this update on an upcoming trip out of Syracuse NY, apart from my email which I removed it is exactly as received, the second line is the Amtrak logo. [Moderator note - removed PNR number as well for security.] The original ticket was updated to the details below on the 24...
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    Ticket advice please

    We have tickets from NY Penn to Syracuse NY in late August, but we may want to change those tickets for ones from NY Penn to Milwaukee via the Lake Shore Limited route. Is it best to phone an agent to change our online booking, hopefully getting a credit for our existing tickets towards the new...
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    Empire Service rolling stock?

    Help please Is the rolling stock of the Empire Service similar to the Lake Shore Limited? Or is it closer to a commuter train? Thanks
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    How to measure rail distances?

    For the US LD trains it is of course simple to look up the schedule, but how about the rest of the world? Is there a known source of rail distances or just slog through with google maps or similar to put a rail journey together piece by piece. Also have come across an area in China that is a...
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    Central Asia and China by train, bus or taxi - any experience out there?

    Starting to think and plan the next long journey, admittedly due to the UK folly called Brexit it will have to wait until early next year at best. But it does look like a lot of planning will be a big help. From initial research it looks complicated with much arranged on the hoof, but questions...
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    Advice please - reservations cancellation

    Well our luck ran out, we found out we are not Peter Pans. Rosie has a major retina problem and has to get treatment quickly. If it's done in the US she can't return home for between a month to several months as she will not be allowed to fly, plus we have a fabulous eye hospital nearby in...
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    Penn Station to JFK Airport

    Probably asked here before but the search on this forum doesn't work too well for me. Which is best/easiest/least effort with bags from Penn to JFK? One of the subway lines to Jamaica Station or an LIRR? If it's an LIRR can we use our NYC Metro Cards on that system and also on the Airtrain? or...
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    Checked bags on a multi-city ticket questions

    We want to check a large bag from LAX to WAS but have created an extra couple of stops with a multi-city ticket route. With the following route will we have to recover our bag at the individual transfers or will the bag go through to our final destination? LAX to Bloomington-Normal (BNL) 422...
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    WiFi on the Cardinal?

    In practise is wifi/internet on the Cardinal at reasonable speed at least for email, and is it only the lounge/café/diner or the whole train? Thanks
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    Breakfast on the Cardinal?

    Our next US journey is getting ever closer and we're starting to fill-in the information gaps in our schedule. Leaving NYC on the 51 Cardinal (hopefully it's re-instated by then) on the 23 December at 06:45 am. Do we get breakfast or should we look for something before we board? I think? it...
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    Northeast Regional - luggage?

    We've just bought our tickets for the last leg of our winter journey in America, it's a Northeast Regional train #174 from Washington DC to NYC. We'll be travelling with a couple of cases, plus a soft bag and a backpack. Never ridden or even seen a NE Regional train, is there a dedicated...