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  1. Chatter163

    Do I understand all of this correctly?

    Due to other life business, I have been a little slow to make the transition to the new AGR program and the new BOA credit card. Please correct any misconeptions that I have here. Regarding the AGR program, of which I have been a member for many years: The new program rules go into effect at...
  2. Chatter163

    Checking baggage through

    I have been a forum member here for many years, and an Amtrak rider for many, many years, though I haven't posted much here in the past several years. I am going on a bit of an Amtrak excursion soon, and wanted to get fellow forum members' thoughts about checking my baggage through, to arrive...
  3. Chatter163

    article on train travel

  4. Chatter163

    Crescent canceled

    My trip this evening from Atlanta to New York was canceled, due to the impending ice and snow storm in the northeast. The Crescent is terminating tonight in Atlanta and there will be no Crescent again until Monday. We changed our reservations to that day. :(
  5. Chatter163

    Ads on Amtrak Locomotives

    From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution: http://www.ajc.com/search/content/auto/epa...6990e60070.html Toyota Tundra image riding on Amtrak trains Los Angeles --- Toyota is putting its Tundra Double-Cab pickup on the rails. The automaker has placed a painted image of the truck on the sides of...
  6. Chatter163

    Crescent route

    Can any of you local Atlanta folks tell me the precise route out of Atlanta that the southbound Crescent takes? Can you guide me from Peachtree Station to the Alabama state line, county by county? Thanks. :D
  7. Chatter163

    Anyone see this item?

    Talk about troubles on the train... :lol: Train tele-troubles