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    Track Condition

    Is it just me or are track conditions deteriorating? I’m on the northbound Silver Star and it’s been a rough ride. I have a roomette so as if trying to get some sleep. A few times last I was almost thrown out of bed, the lower berth. And a few time it seems like the wheels hit hard against...
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    Silver Star Cancelled Today (11/12/20)

    I received notification that the Silver Start has been cancelled for today I was traveling from DLD to BAL. I was rebooked for tomorrow. Just an FYI! I guess the main concern would be flooding. Am I correct?
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    Is Silver Star still running?

    I've traveled the Silver Star between DLD and BAL often. I like the hours of the Silver Star because it gets into BAL in the late afternoon. I know there have been some changes to the timetable but it appears as though the Silver Meteor is the only option. Am I missing something or is this...
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    Auto Train Meals

    I am considering taking the Auto Train within the next several weeks. I have a few questions relative to dining during this pandemic: 1. Are "standard" meals being served? 2. If so, what is the seating arrangement (social distancing)? 3. Is there an option to eat your meals in your sleeping...
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    Disappointed with meals

    We are on the Capital Limited to CHI. The meal service last evening (and this morning) were extremely disappointing. It was more like a box lunch, albeit warmed. Prepackaged hard boiled eggs? What happened to meal service? My wife said had she known this was the meal service we would have flown...
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    New Member Info Requested (re Santa Fe, NM)

    Hello, I'm a new member here so be easy on me if I asked a few dumb questions. Wife and I are thinking of a trip to Santa Fe. But it appears that the SWC doesn't stop at Santa Fe. It looks like the closest stop is Lamy or Albuquerque. Is there a place to rent a car in Lamy? Or should I go to...