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    Joliet parking

    What kind of parking is available at the Joliet station. I am looking at spending a weekend in Chicago but don't want to drive in. Can I leave my car there for a weekend? Do I need an Amtrak ticket to do so?
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    Vancouver BC Cascades

    I will be taking the AM train out of Vancouver to Seattle. How does customs work in the Vancouver boarding process? How long does it usually take? Will business class get me any priority through customs? Sorry about all the questions, but I'm just trying to plan things out a bit and can't find...
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    I am taking this train NYP-Pitt in 2 weeks. Is it worth getting business class on this route? Amtrak is inconsistent in its BC, so how are the amenities on this train? Are there Amfleet 2 for coach? Thanks,
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    moderate frustration at bnsf

    So I am on 3 across Missouri and we've been following a freight the whole way according to our engineer. The delays are mounting. What's up with that? Bnsf is normally so reliable.
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    LAX Sleeper Questions

    So, at the end of December, I will be taking a sleeper trip LAX-FMD on the SWC. Are there any amenities for sleeper pax at LAX like a lounge, redcap, etc? How does boarding work at LAX for sleeper pax? I have taken several Amtrak trips LD trips, but this will be my first time in sleeper class...
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    End of full refunds

    Well, I notice that Amtrak made a slight amendment to their refund policy. They didn't change their voucher policy, but for people who want non voucher refunds, a new 10% fee applies. Bummer. Its a lot easier for me to deal with refunds than vouchers, especially if I made a mistake in my initial...
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    FRA reform and Amtrak

    FRA Reform Before you dismiss these as the ramblings of some nobody in the northeast, I've heard these ideas from several of my professional colleagues. Its a real issue among us planners. Now, I know we have railroad men here, and they can dissect this at will whether any of this is a good...
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    Wisconsin governor applies for HSR funding

    http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2011/03/ ... 80692.html The link goes to an AP article The Wisconsin governor is requesting $150million to upgrade the existing Hiawatha service. Details in the news story. What I can't figure out is whether the 2 trainsets are in addition to the 2 talgos on...
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    Unusual fare problem

    So, I'm looking at taking an overnight trip to Gallup, NM and returning the next day to ABQ. This would be a mid august trip (week of 14-20). But Amtrak won't let me book it, no matter what days I choose. They say that the train is sold out! I can't believe the train is sold out all week. I...
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    Amtrak funding cut

    So the house GOP has officially proposed their budget today and our worst fears have been relieved. They only propose to cut 224 million $ from amtrak's budget. That is still a higher appropriation that what Amtrak has had in budgets past, so the outlook seems ok for Amtrak.
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    Creative financing

    I've been thinking about the goals of the TIGER program and how it could be a possible funding source for expanded Amtrak services. The example I came up with was the Pioneer restoration: Cost: 400 million, according to Amtrak, serious negotiations can probably reduce this number. 1. TIGER...
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    Chicago Long-term parking

    So I'm gonna take a holiday trip to Washington DC. Amtrak OMA-CHI costs an arm and a leg, so I'm driving to CHI. Is there any good place to park long-term (read cheap)? I can park at the airports and take transit to Union Station and back, if thats the best option. I'll be gone for 8 days...
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    The NEW northeast corridor

    Amtrak unveils a new vision for the Northeast A few thoughts: 1. Wow, this type of ambitious thinking seems out of character for Amtrak. This is a step in the right directions for them. 2. The 40 year time frame is probably a nod to the political climate and making the investor seem more...
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    750 million dollar Sunset

    So, in deeply soul-crushing news, Frank Fraily has obtained the demands UP is wanting for a daily Sunset Limited. 400 million for track upgrades LAX -SAS. And probably 350 million for upgrades SAS-NOL. That's rediculous! It probably stops any hope of a daily Sunset in my lifetime, and I'm 22...
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    Freights take legal action

    So, according to a story in Train mag, the association of American railroads, which represents all the class 1 railroads in the nation has filed a court challenge against the federal government seeking to overturn PRIAA 08. They say that the guidelines where arbitrary and capricious. This is...
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    Booking issue

    Well, we all know the famous OMA-CBS loophole is dead (RIP). However, I noticed something interesting on amtrak's website. I was trying to book omaha-Minneapolis as a normal routing, and it wouldn't do that routing. DEN-MSP is possible but amtrak will no longer allow you to book anything east of...
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    you have got to be kidding me

    So, on the website, and new flash animated conductor has appeared to "be helpful." Now, on the surface this seems like a great idea, but it isn't. It kills the performance of the website :angry: Now, It freezes on me and is barely usable! Why Amtrak? Why??
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    Hudson Bay Train

    Well, I am looking at taking VIA rail's Hudson Bay. I know one of our AU members did a blog on his trip on it. Where can I find that trip blog? Thanks!
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    CZ flooding alternative

    So flooding risk has become high as the snow melts in Iowa. My parents in 2 weeks are taking the CZ from OMA-CHI on coach. What is the risk for the CZ? Will they detour onto the UP line through northern Iowa (actually that might be cool)? Will they get bustituted or will the train get canceled...
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    Salt lake city station

    So, in 2 weeks, my friend and I are taking a trip from salt lake city to omaha. Because of the timing of the train, we have to park his car at the station overnight. So, does such parking exist? Does it cost? Is it safe? Thanks!