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    Good news over at NICTD

    Apparently the West Lake Corridor has come in well under budget: https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/ct-ptb-west-lake-bid-st-0721-20200720-ry44nngyevb6nhvp5cftcjgunm-story.html
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    Metra has relented - MED schedule changes

    Metra has listened to rider complaints and relented on some of the specifics in the Electric District schedule changes pertaining to service to 59th Street. They planned to eliminate stops there on various trains and listened to complaints from the UofC, their hospital in particular, regarding...
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    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this - lowered Metra Electric Fares

    There's been a proposal floating around lately to lower Metra Electric Fares to CTA levels within the City of Chicago to stem cratering ridership, particularly on the South Chicago and Blue Island branches. I'm too lazy right now to post a link, but I can see it being problematic if not applied...
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    Portugal & Spain

    So I thought some AUer's might be interested in my rather exotic journey to far away Potugarl and Galicia (northwest Spain). While this was primarily a hiking trip, it did involve the various modes of rail available to us (vintage streetcar, modern streetcar, subway, regional and intercity...
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    Portuguese Rail

    Has anybody done any travel recently in Portugal by train? I'm planning a trekking trip from Porto to Santiago in Spain this spring and would prefer to travel by rail from Lisbon to Porto and then possibly back to Lisbon from Santiago (though potentially we might have to fly back due to time...
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    Metra Service Cuts?

    I heard a rumor from a conductor last night that there would be, or were potential, service cuts on Metra coming in September, at least my line (guess which one, I dare you). I couldn't find anything from a quick googling last night, has anybody else heard anything or does anyone have something...
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    What small changes would increase ridership exponentially?

    I've been catching up on my post readings after a break and a thought occurred to me; what small changes (relatively speaking) would increase overall Amtrak ridership exponentially? I'm thinking 'small' along the lines of say a Chicago-Cleveland day train or an additional MSP-Chicago train or...
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    Metra predicted to have ridership record today

    As most of you know the Cubs won that world series thing and are having a victory rally and parade today. Metra expects a potential busiest day ever - judging from the crazy crowds in the loop (no cars getting through for several hours) and estimates of between 2.5 and 5 million people downtown...
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    This week on the CTA Red Line

    So I'm feeling a little verklempt, I'll give you a topic: This week on the CTA Red Line. First there were reports of either bed bugs or body lice on some cars on the Red Line (I'll let you google those on your own). And then more positive news about the extension to the far south side. CTA...
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    More New York Penn Station News

    Hopefully this is in the right section, apparently the Penn Station PR machine got an article published about furthering the plans: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/28/nyregion/penn-station-new-york-andrew-cuomo.html
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    NICTD - West Lake Corridor a go?

    I've been hearing a lot of positive buzz about the NICTD West Lake corridor being a more and more likely "go" - I gather that Hammond voted yes and have earmarked some money for it. Anybody know anything further?
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    Metra's New Car Order Change

    Looks like Metra is "going back to the drawing board" on their new order, at least according to the Sun-Times. http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/metra-hopes-to-swing-17-million-saving-on-21-new-rail-cars/