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    Colorado Pacific Tennessee Pass Proposal

    https://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2020/11/02-colorado-pacific-says-it-would-offer-passenger-service-as-part-of-new-bid-for-tennessee-pass-line Is this just some kind of crazy bluff, or what? When was the last time a private common carrier railroad actually proposed starting up their own...
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    St. Louis-San Diego Summer Trip

    If I can get the money and get a good price, my gf and I want to finally take our first LD cross country trip on the SWC to visit my sister's family in SAN before they move, and in case the Chief gets screwed over. But I'm having a very difficult time justifying the cost. We don't quite live...
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    Potential Texas Eagle stop in DeSoto, MO

    https://www.myleaderpaper.com/news/icymi-thomas-leads-the-charge-for-amtrak-stop-in-de/article_459989d2-a8d6-11e9-9879-7faea6f105ae.html Personally I just really wish the Texas Eagle ran on a daylight schedule. Would be nice to just take a day trip to some places without having to spend money...
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    Viewliner on Train 308?

    I was downtown yesterday at my buddy’s apartment watching the Fair St. Louis Air Show by the arch, and I noticed a train traversing the bridge heading over to the Gateway Station. It immediately caught my attention due to the presence of a Viewliner car, impossible for me to tell whether it was...