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    How about a train to Alaska? Talk about experiential!

    Some of them do, but none for more than 12 passengers; if they carried more they'd be required to have a doctor on board.
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    No CPR Holiday Train This Year

    I made it to the stop at St Louis Park, MN last December 11th. First time I'd heard of it, too. Fairly cold for the date, maybe mid teens. Lots of stamping of feet. Fortunately the offerings for sale by various non-profit causes included hot chocolate. Holiday Train arriving at St Louis Park
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    Top railroad museums in the country

    Visited for the first time last year, and I was impressed. They have a very nice collection of railroad china.
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    Train 6 - Directional Positioning of Sleeping Cars?

    I've wondered about sleeping car alignment as it affects the direction of the shower. Last October on #8 I was kind of flung against the back wall of the shower (no harm done) when the train jolted as it came to a stop at a station. If it had been aligned in the opposite direction, I would...
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    Boeing officially ending 747 production

    Flew one of the KLM ones back in 2000. The forward cabin was divided down the middle, with our coach section on the left side (3-2). Don't know if it was 1st class on the right side, or what. From my pictures I'd say that it was PH-BUK , which was the last one in service for KLM and is now in...