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  1. Maglev

    Britain by Britrail

    I regret my memory has failed me on many points of this trip. To find out what year it was, I had to look up the Rodney King Riots (1992), because I remember descending from Maui into LA through clouds of smoke. We were on a DC-10, and then flew 767's LAX- JFK and JFK-LHR--business class all...
  2. Maglev

    Cross-Country Trip to Visit Friends

    In April 2017, my wife decided two weeks in advance that she wanted to go to a friend's daughter's wedding in Massachusetts, then visit other friends in Virginia. I convinced her to travel by Amtrak, and she was off on an adventure! She decided to drive to Everett and catch the Empire Builder...
  3. Maglev

    Updated Amtrak Website

    The Amtrak website seems to be updated. One error I noticed is that, when you click on Bedroom, the sketch shows a Viewliner Roomette.
  4. Maglev

    New National Menu February, 2020

    Finally, there is a new menu. French toast is back, and there are "Pork Wings" for lunch and dinner. The vegetables are now a "medley" that appears to include broccoli. Menu...
  5. Maglev

    Cascades Weekend

    Just a quick trip report on a quick trip from Orcas Island to Portland... I opted for as much public transportation as possible on this trip, and that was a good thing because there was some bad weather on my return. I drove from home to the Orcas Island ferry terminal and parked in the...
  6. Maglev

    Booking a Room between Washington and New York

    I thought with some recent changes, Amtrak was now selling Roomettes and Bedrooms between New York and Washington, but today was unable to find anything from WAS nor ALX for a date in March and a date in November. Only the Regional, Acela, Carolinian and Palmetto are shown. Is it impossible to...
  7. Maglev

    Long Way to the Coast Starlight

    It had been over forty years since I rode the Coast Starlight northbound from Los Angeles, and I remembered it as being very beautiful along the coast around Santa Barbara. So for this year's trip to Hawaii, we routed through Los Angeles on our return so we could ride the train to Seattle. We...
  8. Maglev

    Alaska Airlines Top-Rated for Drinking Water

    I wonder how Amtrak would fare for its drinking water? "The study's authors recommend that to be extra safe, airline passengers should never drink any water onboard that isn’t in a sealed bottle, never drink coffee or tea onboard, refrain from washing their hands in the bathroom and bring...
  9. Maglev

    Seattle Ranked #1 for Transit

    I don't agree with this. I would have put New York somewhere in the top five, and my limited experience with Seattle public transportation is that it is not that great. I note that one metric is percentage of vehicles which run at capacity, which might be seen as undesirable...
  10. Maglev

    Cyclist Ignores Flagger, Hit by Cascades Train

    "...The flagger tried to stop him, but he ignored her and crossed the tracks in front of the oncoming train, where he was struck and killed...."...
  11. Maglev

    Starlight, Surfliner, Eagle, Builder and Cascades

    This trip would be a rare foray out of the rural seclusion of Orcas Island, but would close a major gap in coverage of the Amtrak system—the Texas Eagle.  I attempted to book everything first-class, staying at nice hotels and having a Bedroom for all overnight segments. Flying from Orcas Island...
  12. Maglev

    Café Open for Texas Eagle LA Departure?

    Is the SIgthseer Lounge café open for departure of the Sunset Limited / Texas Eagle from Los Angeles?
  13. Maglev

    Room Assignment and Bucket Pricing Mysteries

    In May, I bought a Bedroom ticket on the Texas Eagle from LAX-CHI in January for $1118 (well, minus my NARP discount). Before I purchased, there were two rooms at that price and after I purchased there was only one room at that price. About a month later, the price rose to $1354, so I surmised...
  14. Maglev

    Advice for First-Time Flyers

    My wife's best friend and her husband will be taking their first flight ever from CLT to SEA on AA. We bought them F tickets, and also sent them a pair of carry-on size suitcases. I don't want to overwhelm them with advice, but also know how important preparation is. What are a few important...
  15. Maglev

    California, Here I Come!

    San Francisco is my wife's and my favorite city. I planned a trip for us with a full moon for our night on the train to San Jose, and got tickets to the San Francisco Ballet just before the end of the season. We started our adventure by flying from Orcas Island to Boeing Field in Seattle. In...
  16. Maglev

    Connection from San Francisco Ferry to SMART

    I am planning a visit to San Francisco, and am interested in riding the new Sonoma-Marin train. It looks like the bus shuttle between the Larkspur ferry terminal and the San Rafael SMART station is only available southbound in the morning and northbound in the evening--not workable for a...
  17. Maglev

    NorthWEST Corridor Excursion

    The hotel where I work is closed for two months in the winter, so that is when I have time to travel. I planned a trip to Eugene, Oregon, for some business, with a stop in Portland to visit my sister. The ferry times from Orcas Island do not allow me catch the morning Cascades to Portland, so...
  18. Maglev

    Orcas Island to Melbourne Beach and back

    This was the first long-distance trip I have made on Amtrak in ten years, and my first cross-country trip in twenty years. I simply love my home so much that I don’t want to travel. I started out by flying from Orcas Island to Boeing Field on a Kenmore Airlines Cessna Caravan. They provided a...
  19. Maglev

    Empire Builder 75th Anniversary Wedding Gift

    My wife and I were married on Orcas Island in Washington in 2004. I had family fly in from as far from Pennsylvania, Florida, and Maui for our wedding. My wife wanted to pay for her best friend's and husband's travel from Virginia, and since her friend has never flown and has no desire to, we...
  20. Maglev

    Amtrak Bedroom Suite

    This is about having a bedroom suite for a short segment of the Coast Starlight in February, 2004. I was living on Maui, and my girlfriend (now wife) and I had visited a friend of hers on Orcas Island, Washington. We had booked a bedroom on the Coast Starlight from Seattle to Los Angeles...