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    What services are based in CHI?

    I’m trying to get an idea of what services in Chicago utilize Chicago-based T&E crews. I know all of the long-distance services do, but I recently learned that most AML trains west of Battle Creek are crewed by Chicago T&E. Are all corridor services based out of Chicago too? How does this work?
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    RPA: Developing New Amtrak Corridors Presentation

    This presentation happened earlier today. I wasn't able to attend it live but I did go through the PDF document and it contained a veritable gold mine of information. Here are some of the current/potential corridors listed as "Under Review" by Amtrak. Any city name in bold is a new corridor...
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    Amtrak Line Plans FY20-25 Released

    As some of you may be aware, Amtrak released their FY20-25 asset line plan recently. Some of the details have been discussed in other threads, but I figured this can be a central location to discuss anything and everything from the document. Here are the big things, in my own opinion: 1)...
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    Amtrak Hubs

    Is there an agreed-upon list of Amtrak hubs? The only thing I can find online is the list of busiest stations on Wikipedia and they don't fall into "traditional" order of hubs being the busiest stations. This is what I have, in no particular order: NYP DC Boston South Chicago Seattle LA Are...
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    Best place to start a railroad career?

    With graduation around the corner (a year away!!), I'm beginning to look into where I want to try and start my railroad career. I'm exploring possibilities with most of the major freight companies, but my ultimate goal is starting out as an Amtrak conductor and eventually rising to management...
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    Looking for a Comprehensive Schedule

    Hi y'all, I'm working on a personal project of mine and I'm trying to find a comprehensive schedule for the Chicago Hub Network. I know Amtrak publishes all their schedules online but I'm looking for a listing that's in order of train number so I can see what's been used and what hasn't. If...
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    July NGEC Updates

    Apologies if this was already posted, but these are from the NGEC update from July 2019: Looks like Siemens is delivering a quality product and that the new procurements are coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing what the trainsets look like.
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    Crain’s New York Talks Amtrak

    It appears they got to the Amtrak chairman with the accounting stuff....wants to replicate the “success” of the NEC on the national network and create “feeder systems”. This will also require the “restructuring” of the LD service line...
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    OTP and Delay Accountability

    We all know that Amtrak's OTP has really gone down the crapper in recent months. Take a gander at the sample statistics below, copied from our sister forum railroad.net and originally created by user "shlustig", who posts these every month for select corridors around the network...
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    Conductor “Offices” On Board

    I was watching a documentary on railways in the UK and I noticed that on their version of long-haul routes (what would amount to corridors for us), the Train Managers (conductors) have a dedicated and lockable room that contains a PA interface, storage space for their equipment, and other...
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    Amtrak Names Gardner, Winbigler to New Exec Roles

    https://www.progressiverailroading.com/amtrak/news/Amtrak-names-Gardner-Winbigler-to-new-exec-roles--57749? Discuss.
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    Illinois General Assembly Passes “Capital Bill”

    From the MWHSRA email: Capital Bill Passes, passenger rail gains The Illinois General Assembly has passed the "Capital Bill". We will have more analysis in our regular newsletter this week, but there are a few items that we can celebrate right away. The bill funds: New service to Rockford...
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    Two PPC's saved by Steam Railroading Institute

    The Steam Railroading Institute, owners of PM 1225, have purchased two Pacific Parlor Cars, one of them being 39975 Williamette Valley (confirmed by Trains) and the other rumored to be 39970 Columbia Valley. These cars will be leaving Beech Grove "shortly" according to the SRI spokesman and...
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    “What Would You Add?” Infrastructure Edition

    Okay, so we all have a route or two that we want Amtrak to bring back, whether it be the Desert Wind or the old 20th Century Limited. But the reality is that with our nation’s railroads operating as private entities, Amtrak’s ability to expand current services, let alone start new ones, is...
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    Purpose of Strobes?

    I noticed that the new Chargers have strobes on them just above the cab: two lunar, one red. I knew the F40s at one point had strobes and I thought the early Genesis units had them too, but I never found out what they were used for. Is it an Amtrak-specific thing?  I also had a photo I took in...
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    Process of Turning a Train: What Does It Entail?

    I was in Chicago recently (took Amtrak, of course), and on my way out of Union Station to head back home, I began to wonder about the process of turning the train. I noticed a few things while I was there, and I was hoping to find some answers here. 1) When I arrived on 351, the Wolverine, I...
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    Updates on Amtrak LD Locomotives and AMIII Procurement

    Pulled directly from the September minutes of the NGEC: We should have a pretty good idea where Amtrak is going for the P42 replacements by the end of the month, if the minutes are to be taken at face value. Looking forward to seeing who entered what...
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    Quick update on Amtrak Car/Engine Procurement

    August NGEC minutes indicate that Amtrak had 8 carbuilders approach them for the Amfleet replacements. The state coalitions are assisting Amtrak in this search, and they expect an RFP to be issued in October. As for the P42 replacements, the states are assisting in this regard as well, with...
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    Looking for Information/Suggestions

    One of my pet projects as of late is to create a relatively in-depth proposal for expanded Michigan Services along the lines of what I posted in the "What would you add?" thread: I'm looking for information regarding any Amtrak corridor train that would've operated between Detroit and...
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    Incident on Amtrak 352 (8/5)?

    Amtrak 352 got held up for almost four hours outside of NBU. No explanation that I can find other than an unforeseen crew change. Any ideas?