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  1. Notelvis

    New Orleans Hotel Suggestions?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a favorite hotel near Union Station in New Orleans?
  2. Notelvis

    CZ and SWC arriving late in Chicago 8.6.2015

    So I'm sitting comfortably in my 3rd floor room at a hotel adjacent to the Metra Station in Aurora, IL and a Chicago-bound superliner-equipped train just breezed by my window. A quick look at Amtrak Status Maps tells me that this was #4 running more than 7 hours late. Also learned that a nearly...
  3. Notelvis

    Heritage Baggage Cars - Will Any Remain December 31, 2015?

    As the end seems near for the Heritage Fleet Baggage Cars, I grabbed a picture of one this morning on the southbound 'Silver Star' moving at track speed as it approached the Debary, FL SunRail station.
  4. Notelvis

    European Rail Sampler - June 2014

    My wife, daughter, and I spent two weeks in Central Europe traveling about mostly by rail. I thought that my fellow AUer's might enjoy seeing some of our photographs - Should you want to see more than just these, there are more in my flickr album...
  5. Notelvis

    The 'True' Meaning of National Train Day

    Lest we forget, shall we pause for a moment and remember the first National Train Day? :) May 10, 1869 - Promontory Summit, UT.
  6. Notelvis

    Denver Question

    At one point I had read that Amtrak would be returning to Denver Union Station on February 15th. Does anyone know whether or not this happened? Photos? 1st person reports? Anyone?
  7. Notelvis

    Temporary Schedule Changes on Account of CSX Trackwork

    The NCDOT has posted the message linked below to its' 'bytrain.org' website detailing how Amtrak Schedules for the Carolinian, Palmetto, and nortbound Silver Star will be impacted due to CSX trackwork October 14 - November 14. Presumably this trackwork will be taking place on the former ACL line...
  8. Notelvis

    What Was Your Most Convoluted Single Trip Itinerary?

    Mine was in June 2002........ a trip that I booked while Amtrak was under threat of being completely shut down. My intention was riding some trains I'd never ridden before. At this point I had ridden the entire California Zephyr route and the entire (Seattle section) Empire Builder route. I had...
  9. Notelvis

    Tell Me About the Picture in Your Avatar-----

    One of the things I enjoy about AU is seeing the various pictures that many members have as their avatar. My apologies if I'm retracing old ground but I thought I'd start a thread encouraging people to describe or otherwise explain their avatar photo. I'll start - mine is a photo that I took...
  10. Notelvis

    Recent Overnighter on #98 - Silver Meteor

    We had a family event (on my wife's side) in Florida this Memorial Day weekend which required my presence only part-time. As a result, I was able to do a 'quick overnight' Amtrak trip departing Winter Park Sunday afternoon on #98, the Silver Meteor. I rode overnight to Baltimore Penn Station...
  11. Notelvis

    Southern Railway 2-8-0 #630

    Here are some photographs which I took April 20th........ Locomotive #630 on a NS 21st Century Steam excursion from Asheville, NC to Old Fort, NC.
  12. Notelvis

    How Many of These Stations Are Out There Now

    Here's a photo (from Trainweb) of the new design unmanned station waiting shelter in Alliance, OH. Other shelters built to this design have gone up over the last couple of years in Winnemucca, NV, Connellsville, PA, and Beaumont, TX. Does anyone know of this design being used with any other...
  13. Notelvis

    Rensselaer, IN Station?

    Here's a photo that my sister took from the 'Cardinal' Monday morning. Looks like a new waiting area is under construction in Rensselaer, IN. Anyone have any information on this project?
  14. Notelvis

    Cardinal Service Disruption?

    Does anyone know why trains 50 & 51 are showing as a 'service disruption' today?
  15. Notelvis

    Trip Report - February on the California Zephyr

    Last weekend I made a solo train ride cashing in some of the Guest Reward Points I squirrel away for just when the opportunity arises. The itinerary was not complicated - I woke up Friday morning leaving my home just before a winter storm rolled in and drove 75 miles south to the...
  16. Notelvis

    Ottumwa, IA Rental Car Question

    Does anyone know what the rental car situation is like in Ottumwa, IA? Are there any agencies in town that will meet #5 (or leave a car at the station) with a rental car?
  17. Notelvis

    Interesting Accomodations Situation on #5

    Just booked a trip for the first weekend in February cashing in some AGR Points BUT in playing with the computer checking different options, I noticed something strange. #5 is showing all sleeping car space as sold out departing Denver on Saturday, February 2. However, this same number 5 has...
  18. Notelvis

    'New' Union Station for Raleigh, NC

    Yesterday's Raleigh News and Observer reported the additional Federal funding will be announced today for a project to convert a vacant Raleigh warehouse into a new Union Station with more parking and much more space. The new Amtrak platform would be across the tracks and a little northeast of...
  19. Notelvis

    New Michigan Service Schedules

    I saw a note online somewhere that Amtrak's Michigan schedules were being revised effective 9/10/12. However, the Amtrak website does not have a new timetable..... at least not one that I can find. Has anyone seen a new Michigan timetable yet?
  20. Notelvis

    If You Could Initiate One New Amtrak Route..........

    Here's Mine - A new train operating on Norfolk Southern trackage Asheville, NC - Salisbury, NC - Charlotte, NC - Columbia, SC connecting to/from the Silver Star for Florida....... and yes, in my dreams this train would carry a through sleeping car. Why? It's a train that I would use two or...