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  1. jamesontheroad

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    I had to make a quick trip from the UK to northern Sweden last month. My destination was Umeå, in Västerbotten, which is Sweden's "mid-north." In current tourism material for the city, a cartoon character is overlaid on a map of Sweden to emphasise that Umeå is roughly where the 'heart' of...
  2. jamesontheroad

    Eurostar London - Amsterdam launches 4 April 2018

    After years of planning and months of testing, Eurostar has today announced that two daily round trips will operate direct between London St. Pancras International and Amsterdam-Centraal from 4 April 2018. Tickets are on sale from 20 February, and will start at £35 one way (about $50). Customs...
  3. jamesontheroad

    Britain's busiest and quietest railway stations (2015-2016)

    The British Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has published passenger usage statistics for the reporting period 2015-2016. London Waterloo remains England and Britain's busiest railway station, with 99,148,388 entrances and exits. Glasgow Central and Cardiff Central are the busiest in Scotland and...
  4. jamesontheroad

    Launch of Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland's first luxury sleeper

    Belmond, the tour operator who own and operate the Royal Scotsman train in the UK, has launched its first tour in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish Independent has details from yesterday's launch, and photos, here. The Belmond Grand Hibernian appears to be made up a rake of completely...
  5. jamesontheroad

    Marc Garneau confirms additional gov't funding for VIA Rail

    Press conference has just concluded in Montreal; additional government funding confirmed for VIA Rail for improvements in the corridor. No press link just yet, info to follow.
  6. jamesontheroad

    Melfort, SK: driver & passenger wait 15 hours for rescue following

    This sad story comes from the CBC in Saskatchewan, after the long weekend: (Source) This is the apparent location of the accident. The crossing is marked, but without lights. Earlier reports (such as this one) reported the accident as having happened on Sunday afternoon. It appears now that...
  7. jamesontheroad

    Article: Meet the People Taking 8-Hour Train Rides to Get Work Done

    Posted yesterday on Details.com: http://www.details.com/story/meet-the-people-taking-8-hour-train-rides-just-to-get-work-done I would never get any work done on the train, too busy looking out the window :D
  8. jamesontheroad

    A whole new angle: drone video of Amtrak #359 in Jackson, MI

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but the video is just a few days old. A drone camera operator was in Jackson, MI recently with a remote controlled Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone, and made this impressive arrival and departure video... Notwithstanding the dangers of operator a drone in...
  9. jamesontheroad

    NHTSA: new regulations for motorcoach rollover crashes

    Via the Detroit News and Autoblog, the NHTSA is proposing new regulations to improve passenger safety in motorcoach rollover crashes. The standards are being being modelled on EU legislation, but will inevitably add weight and increase lifetime fuel costs. I'm slightly concerned that this is...
  10. jamesontheroad

    Tshiuetin train failure, 282 stranded at -27?F

    Some bad news from the north - Tshiuetin Rail's mixed train from Schefferville, Quebec to Sept-Iles lost power about 50 miles from Labrador City on Friday. Incredibly (since I never knew it was that well used) 282 passengers had to be rescued, having spent eight hours waiting in temperatures in...
  11. jamesontheroad

    Video: nocturnal tour of the Montréal Métro

    CBC Montréal sent a reporter to join a number of contest winners who were given a private two hour nocturnal tour of Montréal's Métro. The tour covered a roundtrip of the Blue Line in open maintenance wagons. Clicky clicky: http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/Montreal/ID/2259963253/
  12. jamesontheroad

    Detroit Bus Company: new alternative bus service

    There have been a few threads about Detroit or trips that pass through Detroit in the past few months. Having recently made my first trip to the D a few months ago, I wanted to share some info about a brand new private bus service that has been established by a small team of young entrepreneurs...
  13. jamesontheroad

    Amtrak ticketing to be integrated into iPhone Passbook?

    Yesterday, Apple Inc. gave a preview of their forthcoming iOS 6 operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods. In it, they referred to a new app called Passbook that will store boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, etc. in one place. In the demonstration images, you'll...
  14. jamesontheroad

    CL service though/to Ohiopyle, PA

    I'm just back in the UK after a great trip back to the States, including two trips on the Capitol Limited; first from Toledo, OH to Cumberland, MD and then the next day from Cumberland to Washington, DC. A few months ago I asked on this thread about whether I should slight in Connellsville or...
  15. jamesontheroad

    BBC News article: The American bus revival

    Published this morning, an interesting take from this side of the pond on the British operators who have shaken up American intercity bus operations. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16881957
  16. jamesontheroad

    Federal approval for 110MPH in Michigan

    Spotted this just now, discussed elsewhere, but good news nonetheless. Forgive me if I'm missing another thread on this, I'm a bit behind on Michigan developments.
  17. jamesontheroad

    Detroit: three hours to kill at/near Amtrak depot

    Hello. As discussed elsewhere, I'm heading back to the USA after a long break in the spring, and will be traveling from Detroit to Washington DC on a Thruway bus and #30 the Capitol Limited. I'll be leaving Detroit on Monday evening - the Thruway bus is scheduled to depart at 9:25pm (presumably...
  18. jamesontheroad

    Can I choose my roomette?

    Hello. My trip on the CL from TOL to CUM / CUM to WAS is being discussed in another thread. However it's years since I've been on Amtrak, and the first time I've booked online to collect from the Quik-Trak machine (I always used to get them down at the counter in Montreal). Is it possible with...
  19. jamesontheroad

    Detroit > Fallingwater > Washington DC

    Hello all. I'm trying to price and plan a trip from the UK to the USA in late April and early May. This will include four or maybe five days in Detroit, before heading to Washington in the last week of April. Ages and ages ago I imagined drawing a straight line between these two cities on the...
  20. jamesontheroad

    Metro style Amtrak map

    Maybe it's been posted before, but I can't help sharing it if it hasn't. Cameron Booth's metro-style map of the Amtrak network. http://www.flickr.com/photos/senexprime/4785807080/ *j* :blink: