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  1. pennyk

    BOA sent refund check re AGR Master Card

    My BOA AGR Master Card account has had a credit balance for months as a result of my canceling 3 Amtrak trips, 2 of which were fairly expensive. My credit balance was slowly going down since I was charging most of my expenditures. However, much to my surprise BOA refunded my credit balance...
  2. pennyk

    10% Rebate on AGR travel for World Mastercard cardholders (until 9/30/20)

    I received an email from AGR this evening with the following limited time offer: Exclusively for Amtrak Guest Rewards® World Mastercard® cardholders Penny, book reward travel to explore your favorite destinations with friends and family and get a 10% Amtrak Guest Rewards®...
  3. pennyk

    Auto Train Roomette Sale

    I received an email from Amtrak today with the following text: Save 20% on Auto Train Roomette travel BOOK TODAY From now until June 24, book a Roomette and save 20% for travel through August 31, 2020. Roomettes offer physical distancing in your own clean, private room...
  4. pennyk

    Lounge access for World Mastercard holders through 8/31/20

    I just received this email from Amtrak Guest Rewards:
  5. pennyk

    Group sales holds?

    I assume that Amtrak permits organizations like "America by Rail" to put holds on sleeper accommodations for a period of time. Does anyone know if my assumption is accurate, and if so, do you know when the hold will be released if not sold? Does Amtrak automatically release the rooms at a...
  6. pennyk

    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    I may be spending one night in either Denver or Glenwood Springs this May and was wondering if anyone had stayed at any of the hotels walking distance from the train station (and restaurants). If so, I would appreciate any feedback.
  7. pennyk

    Cross country slide show December 2019

    I just returned from a cross country trip on trains 98, 29, 5, 14, 8, 30 and 97. I took loads of photos and posted many on my FaceBook page. Tom (mrfss), who is an excellent photographer and editor, made a slideshow/video of some of my photos. Thank you Tom. It is a 23 minute video - so...
  8. pennyk

    New Coach Seating Procedure: Long Distance Trains on NEC

    According to my sleeping car attendant (formerly a coach attendant), starting today, coach attendants will no longer assign seats on the Silver Meteor. Passengers will sit wherever they choose to sit. I am assuming this will apply to the Silver Star also since the crews are pretty much the...
  9. pennyk

    Missed connection from 22/422 to 30 (positive experience)

    Due to a variety of reasons (late departure of 2 from LAX, police activity in Tucson, disabled freight), the Texas Eagle arrived over 7 hours late in Chicago on 11/4. Apparently quite a few passengers missed their connections. In my opinion, Amtrak handled the situation in a professional and...
  10. pennyk

    What happened to 97(7) south of KIS?

    97 has been in a service disruption for several hours this afternoon. It was running close to being on time when I retrained in WPK. Does anyone know what happened? BTW, there are 3 managers from the Miami crew base on board. A former (excellent) chef was a coach attendant and my sleeping...
  11. pennyk

    Email requesting feedback re AGR; legitimate?

    Today I received an email from Northstar Research purportedly at the request of Amtrak Guest Rewards with a link to provide feedback regarding AGR. It went to my spam folder, so I was immediately suspicious. I phoned AGR (Select Executive number) and the agent with whom I spoke had no idea...
  12. pennyk

    Passenger sues Delta and pet owner after emotional support dog attacks him

  13. pennyk

    Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee

    As with most things involving Amtrak these days, the Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee will be undergoing a "reorganization." ACAC is currently seeking new members between the ages of 18 and 39. Below is a link to the ACAC information page on the Amtrak website, which contains information...
  14. pennyk

    Two floatplanes collide midair near Ketchikan, AK

    It appears that the passengers on the planes were cruise passengers on an excursion. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/05/13/alaska-floatplanes-crash-rescue-crews-search/1194789001/?fbclid=IwAR3t-6nF28SD0yvdtEV0koYu9c7V4CDpOVhnNIE61wS0vMYa95BvVfKNeLk
  15. pennyk

    Amtrak worker shoots supervisor at Sunnyside

  16. pennyk

    PTC reboot?

    I am currently on train 97. Last night we sat in Richmond for quite a while. My SCA told me that the conductor told her that they had to reboot our PTC. This morning we sat for about 40 minutes in Savannah. I made the assumption that it was for the same reason. Does it take over a half hour...
  17. pennyk

    Suggestions for Amtrak traveling in Michigan?

    Although I have traveled on many/most Amtrak trains, I have never traveled by train in Michigan.  It has been on my bucket list for a while.  I had planned to visit Joe Hess in Grand Rapids, but did not get there before his untimely passing.  :( Looking at the schedules, it does not look easy...
  18. pennyk

    A look at Japanese sleeper trains

  19. pennyk

    Young mother with stroller and baby falls down NYC subway stairs, dies

  20. pennyk

    New Metropolitan Lounge in NYP expected to open in 2021