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  1. PaulM

    Location of sleepers on Capitol Limited's rump consist?

    I'm planning to go from the Midwest to Florida in mid January.  Does anyone have advanced notice where the sleepers will be locating on the Capitol Limited's rump consist? Three years ago (2016) the only thing separating me from the horn was another bedroom; and it made me think I was a fool for...
  2. PaulM

    Lamy to Denver Connection

    I'm booked on the eastbound SWC from LMY to Raton, connecting to Thruway bus 8604 to Denver. The scheduled layover is only 15 minutes: 4:50PM to 5:05. The ticket says the bus is operated by Greyhound; and there is regularly scheduled Greyhound running only from Raton to Denver on the same...
  3. PaulM

    Does a public list of station codes still exist?

    I've been trying to find something like the old list of station codes with no success. With Chrome, if I click the menu icon in the upper RHS of the home page and then Find Station or Route, I get a blank page. With Firefox, I get a different home page; and if I click on Destinations, the...
  4. PaulM

    is September the new high season?

    Chicago to Sacramento
  5. PaulM

    Get it while it is hot!

    Tell me again. What is the business rationale for this?
  6. PaulM

    Runt consists

    Does anyone know if Amtrak will bring back the reduced consists this winter, specifically the Capitol Limited? I would like to go from the Midwest to Florida approximately Feb 1. But last year on the way back from Florida on the CL I was separated from the one engine by only 2 bedrooms. It...
  7. PaulM

    Will I need to get out my slide rule?

    It is getting close to a year since the BoA AGR credit cards were introduced. Back then the sign up bonus for the World card made its choice a no-brainer despite the annual fee. Would it be reasonable to think that there won't be any re-up incentives, and that I will have to look closer at the...
  8. PaulM

    10 % penalty for changing

    No one seems to be interested in this topic, at leasing searching "10% points penalty" returned no results. The only rule I could find was First of all taking 10% of a fare difference and coming up with points is strange mathematics. Secondly, it sounds like if the fare goes up or remains the...
  9. PaulM

    Alarm clock

    I had a little too much time on my hands during a recent train trip and came up with the idea of a Windows computer alarm clock that tells you when its time to get to the station. You can set the alarm to go off a given number of minutes prior to the estimated time of arrival at the departure...
  10. PaulM

    Redeeming points in the future

    Discussion as to HOW you will redeem points for Amtrak travel has been non-existent here and elsewhere. Does anyone have a sneak preview? In particular I have two questions 1. Can it be done via the website? The only thing remotely relevant in the Sneak Preview FAQs is It doesn't say...
  11. PaulM

    A no-brainer

    For a long time I have been asking the rhetorical question why Amtrak and bicycles is a combination of brain surgery and rocket science. So when two "hell hath frozen over" milestones occurred on almost the same day, roll-on, roll-off bike service on the Capitol Limited and the opening of the...
  12. PaulM

    I'll bet no one can top this

    Every time someone complains that a route they are interested in isn't "published", someone will insist that it's to prevent round about (aka rail fan) AGR rewards. I always point out that many direct routes are not published, whereas many bizarre ones are published. Here is the mother of all...
  13. PaulM

    Are threads locked when misleading information is posted?

    A recent thread in which someone asked how sell an eVoucher was locked almost immediately. The first response was that eVouchers are not transferable, so one can't sell them. He then quoted Amtrak policy: A Philadelphia lawyer anyone? I don't know if you would call it selling, but about 2...
  14. PaulM

    How to invoke the sleeper exception rule

    I would like to report my experience trying to invoke the sleeper exception rule. I wanted to go DEN to LAX via CZ and CS, the very example used in the guidelines. The first agent claimed to know nothing about the rule. When I quoted it chapter and verse, he put me on hold for quite a while...
  15. PaulM

    Passing motorists must have thought it was just another engine on fire

    It was a first, at least for me. I was on 383, the night train to Qunicy, about 35 miles from its destination when the lights went out. The conductress got on the PA and said don't be alarmed, the lights were turned off deliberatlly because the engineer needed to reboot, as we began to coast...
  16. PaulM

    The Law of Averages in Action

    The law of averages claims that you can beat the odds only so long before they catch up with you in a big way. Our 2014 nine segment winter journey was a case in point. It took us from Fort Madison, IA (FMD) to Santa Fe (LMY), then to Clearwater/St Petersburg (STP) by way of CHI, WAS, and...
  17. PaulM

    Mica bait?

    Recently we traveled from LMY (Santa Fe) to St. Petersburg, Fl the last segment being on Thruway Bus 6091 that connects with the southbound Silver Star at TPA (Tampa) and stops in STP (Clearwater/St. Pete). From STP we wanted to continue to SBG (Sebring, FL). According to the timetable thruway...
  18. PaulM

    One less question to answer

    Apparently, Amtrak.com's reservation page is putting up a cancelled sign when a train is cancelled, not the usual sold out. For a few days I had been following ORL to WAS departing Feb 1 and 2; and both the Silver Star and Silver Meteor showed sold out. The south bound trips on the same day...
  19. PaulM

    Why can't I go from St. Petersburg to Miami?

    I know this sounds like a classic newbie question, but if I enter STP and MIA, Amtrak.com tells me "Sorry, we cannot find train service matching your request." Now the timetable says bus #6098 arrives in TPA from STP at 10:40AM and #91 departs TPA for MIA at 12:45PM. If it were two trains,the...
  20. PaulM

    A kinder and gentler Amtrak?

    Amtrak seems to have been stymied when it comes to additional routes, trains, and rolling stock, but nevertheless has recently introduced a number of tradition breaking, customer friendly services: baggage service at GBB, MTP, FMD, and NEW (even when an agent is not on duty at the last three)...