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  1. PaulM

    Meals in the room?

    Based on a recent CZ trip, I would say that the virus has temporarily, at least, rescinded the rule you site. While we were sitting at a table waiting for our food, the attendant handed out quite of few large, filled paper bags to passengers, who proceeded to take them back to the sleepers.
  2. PaulM

    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    I recently took a MTP-DEN round trip on the Cal Zephyr and was a bit surprised. I don't claim to be a foodie, but I (shrimp and sausage gumbo) and my wife (beef dish) both enjoyed our dinners well enough that we repeated the choices on the way back. Also, the selection of meals seemed to be...
  3. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    I was about to jump in; but you beat me to it. Whether I find a solution is questionable at this time.
  4. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    I noticed that what I referred to as the backup was unable to retrieve fares; but at least the slower, original one was working. But now it hanging. I have time; and I will see if I can figure out the problem. Recently Amtrak's fair finder webpage was changed, the second time during amsnag's...
  5. PaulM

    Chicago Union Station Metropolitan Lounge During Pandemic

    I used the shower after my delayed Spring biketrain trip. I don't remember the date; but it was sometime in June.
  6. PaulM

    How reliable is Air Conditioning in Bedroom cars

    I sometimes think that the problem with the heater dial is the lack of feedback. You turn it and don't hear anything and don't notice an immediate change. But it seems to eventually change the temperature. If I wake up and it's too hot and lower the temperature. nothing seems to happen. So I...
  7. PaulM

    Amtrak Service Reductions

    Apparently so. I amsnagged Washington to Tampa for 11/1 through 11/14. It offers the silver meteor 4 days a week and the silver star 3 days. The odd thing is that the days are consecutive, i.e., SM 4 days in a row and SS 3 days. What happens if you book CHI to TPA departing on a day that...
  8. PaulM

    BNSF Engine for Amtrak #6(21)

    I don't see how that could be. According to train status #6 left Omaha 13 hours, 4 minutes late. It left McCook 12 hours, 23 minutes late. It apparently lost 10:41 between Fort Morgan and McCook.
  9. PaulM

    Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station

    I'm sure Amtrak could sabotage something if they wanted to; but self checking train-side baggage went very smoothly at the two stations I'm familiar with, Fort Madison and Mount Pleasant.
  10. PaulM

    PDX Metropolitan Lounge

  11. PaulM

    PDX Metropolitan Lounge

    By no luggage storage, do you mean no luggage room with a red cap guarding the door like the old CHI lounge, or no spot where you can dump your luggage like all the rest, at least those I've been to: new CHI, WAS, LAX, PDX, and NYP?
  12. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    Fixed, hopefully for a while. As always, the free QC testing is appreciated:)
  13. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    As I mentioned a few post above, the original version was not retrieving the correct fare page for random dates. Originally, I just threw out an error message and quit. Recently, when the problem was called to my attention, I changed it to bypass the bad date. I now see the backup version...
  14. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    The error message you may have seen using the original site was due to the fact that the fare page was not retrieved correctly for all of the dates. So I've redirected Amsnag to AmSnag Verson 2.02. Hopefully, the problem doesn't reoccur.
  15. PaulM

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    I don't remember saying that I lost interest in keeping Amsnag running a year or so ago. I do remember saying I had lost interest in following Amtrak because of all the depressing changes. I've had noticed that AmSnag Verson 2.02 was much slower than...
  16. PaulM

    How and when does Amtrak decide to add cars to a route?

    Are you sure that wasn't drunks from the Herman Octoberfest? I boarded that day in Jeff City and recall meeting yourself on the platform and Alan B on the train. It took forever to get off the platform to the parking lot in Herman because of all the drunks.
  17. PaulM

    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    The videos appeared to show 4 cars before the diner. Would there be 3 sleepers in addition to the transdorm in the dead of Winter?
  18. PaulM

    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    @Austruck Did you mean Silver Meteor or did I miss the announcement that the Silver Star now has a sleeper lounge with "enhanced" dining?
  19. PaulM

    "Call for price"?

    I just did a test booking STP (St. Petersburg/Clearwater) to DEN (Denver) - 4 segments. The points option did show.
  20. PaulM

    Cardinal Losing Business Class?

    I don't know about the diner, but BC on 51 appears to be sold out (unavailable?) after Feb 16.