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  1. boxcar479

    Questions about January 2021 trip CHI-SAC-PDX-CHI

    So I booked a circuitous trip from CHI to CHI. Due to the 3 day week schedule and the connect from theTE to CZ is not a guaranteed connx i will be fly to and from LIT. On 1/2/21 i will depart on CZ to SAC then board the CS to PDX w a very short layover, but a guaranteed connx to the EB back...
  2. boxcar479

    CZ - CS snow trip

    Hi all, I was planning a trip on the Card, CHI to WAS in early Feb. mainly to see lot of snow. I have now changed my mind. I am taking CZ - CS to Seattle in early Feb. Hoping to see lots of snow! I will fly back to LRK or vice versa for times sake. Thinking of getting off in PDX (earlier) and...
  3. boxcar479

    VIA Help Please

    I want to take a trip on VIA rail across Canada, I am not sure about which direction to go east to west or west to east. I would like to go in February 2020.i think I would like the Canadian. I am not sure about the other routes. Could someone tell me why I should/shouldn't take this route. It...
  4. boxcar479

    Trip east CHI to WAS on the Card

    Wanting to take the Cardinal from Chi toward Was in January. Not worried about delays pure leisure and just want to enjoy snowy scenery. Where does the trip get bland. I have only traveled the Card to Cvs. Should I go all the way was? Or can I get off where scenery goes bland. I plan on staying...