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  1. WWW

    The obsession with the past is hurting the future of passenger rail

    Anchorage Alaska has a airport connection spur off of the Anchorage Whittier/Seward main line. Used exclusively by the Cruise Lines (passengers) This would be a great deal instead of busing from the port. Trains have spacious accommodations and optional meal service and did I mention the scenery...
  2. WWW

    Are they shutting down the NEC (or parts of it) next week?

    Would there be a security pass given to congressional officials to ride the train and have an escorted pick-up to the Capitol area ? This if the train has to transit the station to wye the return - may as well make the best of the limited revenue and required operation. A lot of unanswered...
  3. WWW

    Would a Presidential "Amtrak One" Actually Work? 🚅

    One thing for sure - Air Force ONE will not be getting a weekend workout with golf vacations. The Biden homestead in Delaware will be easily accessible by Marine ONE and could even entertain Amtrak ONE - A armored Budd Car with the Marine ONE escort on a course of an un-announced schedule for...
  4. WWW

    The obsession with the past is hurting the future of passenger rail

    Planes don't fly "city center to city center" - helicopter connections are a thing of the past. For the most part the NEC does not need the plane. Chicago's two airports O'Hare and Midway are miles away from downtown - Union Station however is walkable (or a quick cab ride) - and yes there is...
  5. WWW

    Is Live Camera from Crewe Station, UK of interest?

    The one at Crewe is great for activity, All is quiet on the western front LOL ! - Of course it is 02:15 am in the morning there. but I love the ones near Dawlish Beach for "watchability" Is there a LINK for that ? And other points of interest ?
  6. WWW

    The Boeing MAX 8 Accidents

    The wreckage has been found and the black (Orange) boxes located --- Therein we will know more about what happened - Pilot error ? Weather conditions ? Maintenance issues ? Sabotage ? Other ? Combination of all the above ? What is very sad is the loss of the 10 youngsters - cutting life all too...
  7. WWW

    Would a Presidential "Amtrak One" Actually Work? 🚅

    Let the Secret Service work out the details - it is possible and doable. Anywhere along the NEC a helicopter (or two) could pace the train and secure the President if needed to an airport with the 747 Air Force One standing by. Keeping it simple while avoiding a lot of complicated modes of...
  8. WWW

    Safest Airlines Rated ✈

    West Jet and Delta are working up a code sharing partnership - watch for competitive border skirmishes - but you are still not covid free to roam across the border randomly !
  9. WWW

    Safest Airlines Rated ✈

    So many variables in the classes of service: Economy Coach - aka back of the bus Basic Coach - middle of middle of the coach section Comfort Coach - section just behind Business (faux First Class) Business - faux First Class almost near the front of the plane First Class - close to the front of...
  10. WWW

    Would Viewliners like these be possible (Or even Useful)?

    Ya just what you need in creature comforts S-P-I-R-I-A-L staircases or something out of a mad movie made in the Winchester Mansion - 13 steps leading to the ceiling ! Elevators were installed in the Alaska RR bi-level cars although no sleeping accommodations - I don't know about how the Rocky...
  11. WWW

    Colorado Ideas?

    Reference thread about Rocky Mountaineer - - -
  12. WWW

    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    If we can't fly take a train cruise to/from Canada --- bring the train to the USA ! There is superb scenery in all seasons in Colorado !
  13. WWW

    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    What no floating ICE Highway to negotiate - - - Strange I don't view salt water freezing Maybe not enough traffic to operate the ferry for at least one round trip daily ? But then with the quarantine stay home orders it is probably just as well That 300 km - 4 hour drive is some detour...
  14. WWW

    NIMBYS - Your Thoughts?

    Regarding those flashing lights at the crossing - a serious upgrade would perhaps fix the inattention. F-L-A-S-H-I-N-G - - - S-T-R-O-B-E - - - L-E-D lights as previously mentioned used on emergency vehicle. This being the season for putting up lights on the trees - houses and many other places...
  15. WWW

    AU Members with Frequent Flyer Affinity Status

    Member request from jiml: Interesting sidebar to this conversation is how many AU'ers are also frequent flyers. Stories to be told elsewhere of course. I'll start this off WWW FF with Delta Airlines as a revenue customer and a 29 year retired employee. Space Available employee travel is great...
  16. WWW

    Hotels at Amtrak connection points nationwide

    Thread started in Non-Rail Transportation - AU members with Frequent Flyer Affinity Status
  17. WWW

    Hotels at Amtrak connection points nationwide

    Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) recently opened a hotel within the airport. Great when there is availability - weather may throw this out of kilter with the airlines (Delta mostly) using it for a cancellation reroute alternative. Light Rail available for downtown (both cities) transportation - rail &...
  18. WWW

    Empire Builder question (re Wolf Point)

    In case you didn't plan on it - BEWARE - the EB operates 3 days out of the week - Schedule LINK: Empire Builder-Chicago-Portland-Seattle-October192020 (amtrak.com)
  19. WWW

    NIMBYS - Your Thoughts?

    Solution void the liability issues with "NO TRAIN HORN" ! Still have the flashing lights signs silent visual reminders ! But there will still be idiots ignoring the safety factors. Hard to explain in a court hitting the 97th car of a 115 car train racing to beat it to the crossing ! Yet even in...
  20. WWW

    Hotels at Amtrak connection points nationwide

    The airports have hoards of hotels around most of their perimeter - even that Mall of America in Minnesota has two - but have hotels conveniently located next to a train depot - when was the last time you took a steam locomotive - something in bygone years ! Granted you don't want your hotel in...