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  1. dogbert617

    You've been appointed President of Amtrak, Corridor Version

    If you're talking about expanding Michigan passenger train service, I'd add considering doing a train from Grand Rapids to Traverse City as well. Heck, even some in Michigan Department of Transportation have thrown that idea around, as well. And flight costs of flying into TC are sadly absurd...
  2. dogbert617

    Best Chicago-Florida Route?

    I wish the National Limited could be brought back. That way, Dayton would have service again. Ditto with Columbus, as well.
  3. dogbert617

    Stations that should be replaced

    I thought when I traveled through there on the Cardinal, that Crawfordsville, IN deserves a new station. It had a similar and older outdated shelter building, that believe it or not had a similar design to the one in Elyria. Also, I'd say Benson, Lordsburg, Deming, and Sanderson on the Sunset...
  4. dogbert617

    NOL-WAS-CHI-PDX-MTZ-CHI trip pics

    The Amtrak Track Your Train map, also shows a good idea of the Crescent route into New Orleans. Plus of course, shows the track route that all other Amtrak trains run on, shaded in red. Anyway: https://www.amtrak.com/track-your-train.html I really like these pics the most, from this post...
  5. dogbert617

    Armed Guards riding Southwest Chief?

    From riding the Empire Builder through Minot last summer (this was while riding #7 going west, didn't see this while riding #8 going east), I can confirm they do have a drug dog and cop who boards the train briefly to sniff for drugs during the (about) 25 minute smoke stop there. Seems like a...
  6. dogbert617

    CZ Modified Trip (8/29) - Departure out of DEN shifted

    I was wondering seeing this post, is the CZ going to be rerouted through southern Wyoming on the UP route(paralleling I-80 for the most part) through this state in late August? That would be an interesting time to ride the CZ, since I've never seen the southern Wyoming Union Pacific route.
  7. dogbert617

    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    Speaking of Florida Amtrak routes, what was the reason Amtrak stopped running through Ocala, FL? It's too bad you no longer can take a train, to there. And also to a station (I think Waldo), which wasn't too far from Gainesville. Am I right in think Amtrak no longer doing train service to Ocala...
  8. dogbert617

    City of New Orleans routing

    It kills me that I never got to try riding the Iowa Pacific Hoosier State. :( Also it's weird I never realized Pullman Rail Journeys briefly operated a car, on the rear of the CONO train. Was that also an Iowa Pacific operation years ago?
  9. dogbert617

    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    I would say from the times I've been in various stores(and live in Chicago myself), that it hasn't been 100% compliance with mask rules. Weirdly enough, at times I'll see occasional employees at various places not wear a mask. Not often, but a few times I've noticed that, and it surprised me...
  10. dogbert617

    Amtrak Service Reductions

    So Bakersfield-LA buses will still run, to bridge the gap in train service between those 2 places? If that bus didn't run, I'd be really surprised. Too bad Amtrak probably won't get approval anytime soon, to run trains through the Techaciapi(sp?) Loop. And that's a heck of a letter that was...
  11. dogbert617

    Right now, July 2020, may be the ‘sweet spot’ for booking Amtrak travels.

    Thanks for mentioning what you thought, of flex dining. Since I think I could deal with flex if it was only for one night and 2 days on the train, but that I worry if flex food would start to get to me after 2 nights and longer on a train? Typically I bring some amount of non-perishable food of...
  12. dogbert617

    Sunset Limited - New Orleans to El Paso 6/3-6/4

    I'm glad you did complain. Fingers crossed you do get something, out of complaining. And it shouldn't matter if you waited a little while after your trip to complain, since IMO it's still important for Amtrak to hear about service issues with their trains.
  13. dogbert617

    Right now, July 2020, may be the ‘sweet spot’ for booking Amtrak travels.

    Do you or anyone else have any idea if flex dining will be done on long distance trains (other than Auto Train), in September? I was hoping Amtrak would restore the regular dining car menu by then, but for whatever reason sadly am not holding out hope myself the regular menu will be restored...
  14. dogbert617

    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    Didn't realize the flex dining menu was revised a little bit, as of July 1st. Btw I really do greatly appreciate your reviews, on the flex dining food items you've tried. Since it gives me an idea of what to expect for food, if I were to pull the trigger and do an Amtrak sleeper trip to...
  15. dogbert617

    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    Thanks for answering which Amtrak train, you were referring to there. I also was trying to ask between which 2 cities Delta flies to, were you talking about in your earlier post?
  16. dogbert617

    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    I'll have to reread your post where you reviewed eating that, and other flex menu dishes. It's too bad about the dining car downgrades, since that will make me think long and hard about upgrading for trips, where it's *borderline not too long where I could handle coach. And by the *, my...
  17. dogbert617

    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    Am curious, between which 2 cities is this price comparison (between Delta 1st class and an Amtrak roomette) for? And someone else in this thread(but on the previous page) said the Asian Noodle Bowl had been removed, from the flex dining menu. Too bad, since myself I kinda thought I might try...
  18. dogbert617

    First time traveling on train advice/help

    I do totally see your point, about the present with COVID around. I just wish the virus would go away, since I miss how things used to be more carefree, and where we weren't so worried about the virus. DON'T get me wrong I do take the worries about that seriously and wear a mask, and follow the...
  19. dogbert617

    SWC Timetable?

    I forgot about the Aemtest site, so thanks for mentioning it. This page on the Juckins site also has a good bit of Amtrak schedule timetable pdfs on their site, of BOTH current 2020 timetables plus ones going back to the late 2000s/early 2010s. Enjoy: Amtrak Timetable Archives - Home
  20. dogbert617

    Sunset Limited - New Orleans to El Paso 6/3-6/4

    Wonder if you could complain to Amtrak about this once your trip is done to 800-USA-RAIL, and possibly get a future trip voucher out of having to deal with that inconvenience? That sucks to hear the A/C was out, for that long. Too bad they weren't able to fix the A/C problem at say like Beaumont...