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    Japanese Train Leaves 20 Sec. Early. Company Apologizes

    The Tokyo-area Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company's Tsukuba Express was meant to leave at 9.44am on November 14. It actually left the station at 9:43:40. The rail company boss said he was "deeply sorry" for the "severe inconvenience" they caused. I can see why Amtrak hasn't had to issue...
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    Attempted Theft of Conductor's Backpack in Springfield MA

    Not sure what train it was, but guessing it was a NE Regional that terminates at SPG since there were no passengers aboard. News summary
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    Another Day, Another Incident-Shuttle in Windsor Locks

    I just drove through Windsor Locks, and there was police activity around the Route 159 / 140 intersection where there is a crossing for the New Haven / Springfield Shuttle. I went through about 12:50, and the reporters were just leaving, so it must have happened at least an hour ago. I'm...
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    Boardman on C-Span 6/17 9:15 AM EDT

    I just saw that Amtrak President Joseph Boardman will be on C-SPAN Washington Journal at 9:15, Friday June 17. Sorry for the late notice, but I just happened to see it on the screen. That show is so much better than the big network "info-tainment" programs.
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    Kawasaki M-8 Trainset on Revenue Service on Metro North

    The first trainset of Kawasaki M-8 cars went into service this morning out of Stamford to GCT, and at this time it should be back in Stamford. I haven't seen any news reports on rider opinions yet, just adjustments to the press release on other news sites...
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    Why is New Haven - Springfield Shuttle All Reserved?

    The recent thread on Hiawatha ticketing got be wondering why the shuttle service between Springfield, Mass and New Haven requires reserved seating. As I think about it further, it may be because so many of the stations along the route are just bus shelters without Quik Trak machines. They would...