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    Is Amtrak Limiting Queries On Arrow?

    Over the past several days found that after making about 30 dummy bookings using Arrow (to gather data for partial route bucket charts) that the process would be halted by this: Continuing the fare search required either opening a new tab on the browser, using different browser or simply...
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    Five And Forty Four Years Of Fares. . .

    . . .and their incremental percent increases are shown on the following chart: The Chart Date is the date in the bottom right hand corner of my bucket charts, the last two of which are posted here: Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets) These dates are not the dates of the...
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    Return To Traditional Dining on Long Distance Trains?

    ...from Flexible Dining appears to be in the cards for the Westbound Empire Builder starting on 17 Dec 2020 and the Southbound Texas Eagle starting on 18 Dec 2020. Don't know about other trains. Is this something new, or have I been asleep at the switch (as usual)? Or is it a programming...
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    Low Bucket Sleepers 11 Months Out

    Of the 42 sleepers available on 16 LD routes, 26 were available at low bucket on the first day they became available and 27 were available at low bucket 4 weeks earlier at the start of the 11th month. That's about 63%. For those who doggedly insist there's no reason to look for low bucket...
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    Another Fare Bucket Chart

    Been working on this for a month or so and thought I'd better get it done and posted before the fares go up again: Some may find it useful.
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    Good & Bad News

    Quick spot checks of one Eastern and one Western LD train at the start of the fourth fiscal quarter show Coach fares remain unchanged but. . . . . .Sleeper fares have gone up about 7%.
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    Baggage On LSL Form CHI To BOS

    The Nov 11, 2019 schedule for the LSL indicates checked baggage is available at both CHI and BOS, but Arrow tells me checked baggage is not available between ALB (where the train splits) and BOS. Contemplating a 1½ week cruise out of BOS and will be getting there all the way in a Roomette on...
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    Rare Family Bedroom Fare On The CZ

    FWIW, since the fare increases of Fall 2019, only the single high bucket Family Bedroom fare of $1613 was ever seen offered for both directions of travel on the CZ for the entire 11 month period. Then, about a week ago, a fare of $1002 was noticed. And just once (on 7 Mar 2020) during the 11...
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Data on this chart gleaned from searches using AmSnag: http://biketrain.x10.mx/amsnag2.0/amSnag.php MODERATOR NOTE: This chart was prepared by an AU member, who will update it periodically. If you have any questions or comments regarding the chart please post them in the Bucket Charts...
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    Monthly Ridership Data. . .

    . . .for August, 2017 and earlier for each route does not seem to available online. Anybody know of an easier way to get it other than through an FOIA request? Thanx in advance for any help. Spent a few hours making Google searches with different phrasings and came up empty.
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    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    While doing AmSnag searches for TE trips from CHI to TUS over the past several days, the search occasionally returned results for all consecutive days in the search just as if the SAS to TUS leg on the SL was a daily train: But clicking on the dates (days) when the train doesn't run from CHI...
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    Fare Increases

    [If this has been reported elsewhere, moderators please delete this thread.] While doing a periodic spot check today of fares for three trains using AmSnag (thanks, Paul), the following was noticed: • Coach fares for the EB, SS and SM remain the same as previously reported. • Roomette...
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    Empire Service vs. Ethan Allen

    Contemplating a trip during which I need to get from NYP to ALB on a Thursday afternoon, arriving prior to about 5pm.  Both the Empire Service #283 and the Ethan Allen #291 fill the bill. Is it a coin-toss between the two trains, or is there any significant difference between them?
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    San Francisco Amtrak Connections For Cruising

    In an effort to familiarize myself with the locations of Thruway bus stops and Cruise Terminals I annotated a map showing the layouts of the three remaining bus stops and the two piers used as cruise terminals.  Others not familiar with the area may find it useful: Pier 27 seems to be the one...
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    Cardinal/LSL Sleeper Bucket Disparities

    Made a bucket chart for sleepers on the Cardinal just between CHI and WAS (a 20% reduction in trip mileage) and noticed this apparent oddity: • Roomette buckets were reduced by about 5%, down to about $100 more than those on the CL whereas... • Bedroom buckets were reduced by about 32%...
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    Sleeper Familiarization

    Know a couple in their early 80's who live close to Albany who are contemplating a train trip out West, but whose only Amtrak experience is a short 230 mile trip in coach. Before they jump off the deep end and actually book this trip I already recommended these two things to try to see if such...
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    TE/SWC Saver Fare Double Discount

    Saver and Value (low bucket) coach fares on the TE & SWC had been $142 and $177 - until a few minutes ago. The Saver Fare is now $118! This seems to be an $24 error, so you might save that amount if you act fast and book before they catch on.
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    NER Carry-On Baggage

    Am booked in Business Class on NER #143 from BWI to WAS in a few months. Amtrak carry-on baggage policy is pretty well spelled out here... https://www.amtrak.com/carry-on-baggage ...but looking at the single level coach car diagrams there doesn't seem to be much (if any) floor space for a...
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    Texas Eagle Sleeper Peculiarity

    There's probably a simple explanation for this, but when using either Alice or AmSnag to find fares between CHI and SAS in either direction, Family Bedrooms and Bedrooms are shown as None Left (or SO) on every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday from now through 11 months out. What am I missing?
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    Thanksgiving 2018 Sleeper Buckets

    Just completed using AmSnag to check prices for sleepers during the 28 Oct - 26 Nov 2018 period (the farthest out that could be checked today) and noticed an expected increase of several buckets for the 16-22 Nov 2018 period (Thanksgiving is on the 22nd) - but only for about half of the LD...