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    Lessons learned from Chi-Stl HSR YouTube video from High Speed Rail Alluance

    There is an explanation of why trains are not going over 90 mph in the near future. Basically it takes too many seconds for the computers to coordinate the gps, and radio signals from trains to ensure safe operation above 90 mph. Increased frequencies to 10 round trips a day requires double...
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    Brightline not operating due to Covid? Any idea when they might resume operations.

    I will be traveling to Florida the last week in March. Part of the reason for the trip was to ride brightline. I went on their website to check schedules and discovered that it was not operating and was instructed to check back. Tri-rail is running. Why would Brightline not be running.
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    Safety and Security: Amtrak expects Positive Train Control will be interoperable with other railroads but could better measure system reliability

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    Illinois plans for Siemens Cars. 90 mph first part of next year.

    This video provides details. The plan is to run 4 coach cars and use the horizon cafe/BC cars for food service unit the order is complete in 2022/2023. This will start on chi-STL line. Then expand to other routes. 90 mph is supposed to happen next year.
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    SWC #3 chi-LAX

    Entered union station and saw that he great hall was empty. It’s a cool fall day outside and cool in the great hall. I found the automatic ticket machine and printed my ticket before entering the lounge. I thought about getting ticket printed there but saw one of the can’t do employees...
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    Round trip from Chicago to Eugene Oregon via PDX

    This is a trip report on a bout a round trip on 27 and 28 with a trip to Eugene Oregon on the Talgo and return on the Coast Starlight. I am packed. Got a newscanner, and got everything lined up for a great trip. I enjoy riding in the sleeper on 27/28 because it is the last car on the...
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    Acela questions: Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 menus in lounge car plus using first class seating seat assignment system

    I am planning a trip on the Acela for August. Is there a way of telling which cycle menu is used in the lounge car? The website states that it is rotated monthly. So is it logical that cycle 1 is January, cycle 2 February, etc to conclude that August would be cycle 2? The second question...
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    Round trip to Chicago- Washington, DC. 50, 29

    This trip was planned relatively quickly. It came about because of the “I want to ride a train now” urge. I talked with my buddy Mike, and he was game too. So the trip was booked on Sunday night. On Thursday we would take 50 to Washington, DC. On Saturday we would take 29 back. At the...
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    Stations where one can order food to the train

    I’m thinking this is another one that can be pinned at the top. Suggestion: People can post there experiences ordering food to be delivered to station as train arrives. Examples might be Albuquerque, Denver, Albany Rensselae etc. places that have DoorDash.
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    Covid Conditions at Major Amtrak stations: A suggestion to administrators.

    I had a few thoughts on this after my trip on the Lake Shore Limited last week. Though I did not check the food court, Union station and the metropolitan lounge seemed pretty normal to me. It was not crowded. Penn station had areas blocked off with metal barriers that are used for crowd...
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    48 Chicago to New York Penn. departed on time June 5

    This trip report is getting an early start. I woke up about 5 am and perused Amtrak status maps. 49 is running late. Lost 5 hours between Schenectady and Utica. Most recently departed Erie 7 hours late. Previous experiences with this scenario indicates a late departure for tonight’s 48...
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    What I miss about Amtrak train rides . . .

    1. Signing the dining car check in the diner on that first night of a long trip and knowing you will be doing a lot more of these! 2. Settling into my roomette. 3. Walking through a moving train. 4. Watching the small towns go by. 5. Listening to the scanner and hearing an interesting...
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    A flight to San Diego to ride the pacific surf liner and chief back to Chicago.

    This is a trip report about my MLK weekend trip to San Diego. The plan was to fly from Chicago to San Diego on Friday. Then on Saturday take a California Surfline train to connect to the Southwest chief to Chicago The flight from Midway to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver because of a...
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    Trip report on 8 departing Seattle on 12/29/19

    My experiences on my outbound trip on 7 were covered in the detour thread in the other forum. That detour never happened. I misunderstood what the agent was telling me, assuming she was talking about the outbound leg of my trip rather than the return. We watched the weather channel dramatize...
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    7 detouring this evening between Fargo and Minot.

    I was waiting for 7 at cus. Got the tonal call from Amtrak. The agent explained this is due to weather which probably means flooding on the normal route.
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    Economy class vs VIA 1 on Windsor Toronto corridor

    What is the difference between the classes of service? How ar the meal selections for breakfast and dinner? what equipment is used? thank you
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    Vermonter questions

    i am having that sense of wanderlust. A few questions about this train. First, where is the business class car usually located? Second, is this a train that has a rail fan window or does it operate with an engine at each end? Third, how hard is it to get from Essex Jct to Burlington? Thank you.
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    Lower level roomettes in winter on EB

    I’m contemplating a trip in late December after Christmas. I usually book a lower level roomette. If one is in the Seattle section at the head end, how much is the view obscured by blowing snow?
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    Union Pacific-Do they have heat restrictions

    I’m riding the CZ today and we left Sparks with 91 degrees temperature. What are UPs heat restrictions for the CZ? Just curious.
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    A round trip to EMY. Departing Chicago 8/9/19. Departing EMY 8/13/19

    I have gotten enough feedback to know that people enjoy my on going trip reports of my travels on Amtrak. This one might be more interesting than most. As many of you know I’m a teacher in Chicago. The large urban school system operates without rhyme or reason sometimes. At the end of the...