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    Uncontrolled dogs

    I heard from a very reliable source that an Auto Train OBS attendant was bitten by a dog recently. According to my source, the dog's owner has failed to provide information about the dog's health; so in order to be safe, the attendant will have to endure the entire regimen to prevent rabies. I...
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    Another one for the ghouls

    I just learned that 98 hit a vehicle Monday at Doctor's Lake (south side of Jacksonville)on Monday, July 13, killing the woman driver who was the only occupant of the vehicle. The accident delayed 98 and the Auto Train, which was following. I have no information as to the effect on other trains...
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    CL #29 food service cuts May 17?

    I hate to spread rumors, so please take this in the form of a question. I have been told that no. 29 went west May 17 with no food service available. This seems highly unusual and unlikely, but my source is an individual who is usually reliable. Can anybody shed any light? Tom
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    Grade crossing accidents -- the view from the cab

    There's been so much discussion of grade crossing accidents lately. I found a very interesting and enlightening article when I googled The Engineers View Of Grade Crossing Accidents. I can't seem to get a link, but if you try googling it, you should be able to find it. It's on the...
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    What happened to LAUPT?

    Maybe this has been discussed before. Today I read an item here which referred to the Los Angeles Amtrak station as Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS). The traditional name was Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal (LAUPT). When did the name change, and why? I guess I'm just an old fogey...
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    Prairie Home Companion

    Tonight, Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion is a rebroadcast of a show from Eugene, Oregon. At a little over 30 minutes into the show, he mentions his ride into Eugene on the Coast Starlight and gives a brief description of the scenic run. Since the show is rebroadcast on Sunday in many...