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  1. VentureForth

    The African Lunatic Express

    Here's a cool video by Noel Philips, primarily a Flight vlogger, but occasionally adds some trains in his repertoire (including a nice ride on the Empire Builder). This video shows a phenomenal railroad that goes across Kenya. Politically darker is the investment that was made by China that...
  2. VentureForth

    Top 10 Rude Behaviors on Trains on Japan

    Thought this was a really interesting article. How do they compare to your experience? Though written with commuter travel in mind, much could apply to Amtrak. Here's the list followed by the article link: 10. Applying makeup on the train 9. Riding while drunk 8. Leaving trash and empty...
  3. VentureForth

    West End Express

    Wow. Just got through blazing through Seaboard 92's photo journal of their trip through the Pacific NW here: https://discuss.amtraktrains.com/threads/crossing-the-line.76229/ One part of the journey that particularly caught my attention was the portion through Beaverton. I love RDC's. Love...
  4. VentureForth

    Bustitution due to Track Work (Coast Starlight)

    My sister is on a vacation ride from CHI - EMY - PDX - CHI. When she got to EMY, she was told that the Coast Starlate would have "Scheduled Maintenance" yesterday and today. They apparently scheduled it day before yesterday. She's rather pissed that they are bustituting her to Portland. It...
  5. VentureForth

    Anyone know anything about NEC Speed Reductions?

    Someone on Facebook said that the NEC has a speed restriction between RIC and PHL to 85 MPH to trains with a baggage car. Anyone know anything more about this?
  6. VentureForth

    Very minor annoyance (re platform access)

    In the grand scheme of things, this isn't much to complain about. I'm sure in some ways it's a good thing. But this morning in Savannah, I walked out to the platform to catch 97 come through like I've done on many occasions in the past without issue. I was promptly called out by the station...
  7. VentureForth

    That BIG Silver Star Bargain for not having a Diner:

    Both rides are during meal times. It could slightly be argued that you're getting a "day use" rate for the Meteor, but still... $7 difference? Puh-leeeeese.
  8. VentureForth

    Why is the Palmetto still in Savannah (4/2/19)?

    I just drove past the Savannah Amtrak station and saw that the Palmetto is still sitting there. Should have departed 3 hours ago. Anybody know what it's doing stuck at home?
  9. VentureForth

    Colorado Rail Car

    Are any of the rolling stock created by Colorado Railcar (now US Railcar) still in service?  Does Tri Rail use their Double Deck DMU?  I'm pretty sure (without source) that they are supplying the trailer cars on the Alaska Railroad sightseeing cars associated with Cruise lines...
  10. VentureForth

    Dallas DART Protest

    I was riding DART on Tuesday (1/8/19) and there was quite a raucous protest going on at the Akard station around 11:30-ish.  Something about "Keep DART Public". Can't find any news on it.  Any ideas what that was all about?
  11. VentureForth

    DART (Dallas Area) Grade Crossing Fatality

    In addition to a probable suicide on a Brightline trestle in Florida, this happened this morning in Dallas: https://www.fox4news.com/news/fatal-crash-in-richardson-delays-dart-trains DART has been around for nearly two decades now.  Hardly any excuse for anyone to try to beat the arms.
  12. VentureForth

    How to clean a motor?

    I have this oldish N gauge Bachmann Spectrum Dash 8. It runs real slow. How do I clean it? What do I clean? I applied lithium grease to the gears years ago. That looked like a dumb idea. There is green all over the rotor. Is that protectant or corrosion? Sand it down? LaBelle 101 it?
  13. VentureForth

    Not much stuff in N

    Trying to find Urban train station platforms in N Scale. There are a lot of Japanese prototypical stains which are awesome, but I'm interested in American ones. Not much on Walthers. It's like every layout in N in the US is supposed to represent a one room Depot from the 50s.
  14. VentureForth

    Andy Byfords plan for the MTA on 60 Minutes 10/21

    Here's a short preview for a segment of 60 Minutes this coming Sunday. Looks interesting! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/inside-the-great-depression-era-pieces-of-the-new-york-city-subway-60-minutes/
  15. VentureForth

    Is Fear the Best Teacher?

    An interesting article about safety training for Shinkansen maintenance crews: https://soranews24.com/2018/08/27/shinkansen-safety-staff-made-to-sit-right-next-to-bullet-trains-running-at-300km-h/ Premise is that they need to feel the train whizzing by at 300 kph to appreciate the importance...
  16. VentureForth

    TRE Collides with Truck

    https://dailym.ai/2PzYfZz It's a bad crossing, but plenty of lights. 2 dead in the truck, 11 Injured. Not sure if Amtrak affected.
  17. VentureForth

    MTA: What if...

    How much of this could Andy Byford pull off? Here is a Discovery Channel documentary on the efficiency of the Japanese Subway system. https://youtu.be/xzkU6tmdImY
  18. VentureForth

    Help, jis...

    Step kid's biodad snapped this in VA...
  19. VentureForth

    Rude light rail riders...

    Are everywhere. Currently on Dallas' DART. People smoking, playing loud music. What happened to courtesy?
  20. VentureForth

    Model railroading in NYC?

    Anything for the model Railroad fan to see/do in NYC?