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    Amtrak serving every state capital

    Let's say that Amtrak received a mandate to serve every state capital on the lower 48, what routes would you propose to accomplish this goal?
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    Best Chicago-Florida Route?

    In my opinion via Atlanta is the best option.
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    Most scenic parts of Amtrak routes traversed during the night?

    Maybe the TE in Missouri.
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    Any possibility of Amtrak serving South Dakota?

    The state has no trains and hasn't for decades, and I've never heard of any plans to bring trains back there. What routes would be possible?
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    Why does the Texas Eagle not go through Waco?

    Both tracks seem to be in fine shape.
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    What states are the least/most friendly to Amtrak and passenger rail?

    California seems to like Amtrak/rail. As for least, Ohio is a candidate.
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    What Class 1 railroad is most friendly/tolerant to Amtrak?

    is the least? In case you need a refresher one who they are: BSNF CSX NS UP CN CP
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    Daytime Salt Lake City train

    I'm confused about why everyone is obsessed about daytime Ohio trains but no one cares that Salt Lake City is in the graveyard shift. If another Chicago-Denver train is established, it could overnight through the mountains and reach Salt Lake City during the day.
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    Amtrak route most loved by the communities along the route?

    What Amtrak route is very important to the communities along the route and people there really appreciate it?
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    Thought i'd introduce myself

    I have been posting here for a few weeks, but I am a 14 year old who has been interested in trains for years and I am excited to be here!
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    Amtrak route with least amount of support?

    Which Amtrak train's disappearance would cause the least amount of unhappy people? This would be route that has very little support from, well, anyone. I propose the Sunset Limited. Do any of the states along the route actually care about it?
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    Openrailwaymap down?

    The site is up, but won't show the map. My internet is working. Are there any problems with the server of the site? It's not working on any of my devices.
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    Infill Amtrak stops

    What are some cities which are on an Amtrak route and warrant a stop, but they don't have one? Emporia Kansas comes to mind.
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    Least scenic Amtrak route?

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    Amtrak reroutes

    Not expansions, or cuts, just reroutes Capitol Limited to Youngstown Sunset Limited to Phoenix
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    Amtrak in Wyoming

    Will Amtrak ever be back to Wyoming? If so, how?
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    If you had to cut an Amtrak route, which one would you cut?

    I would cut one of the duplicate Illinois routes.
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    Retiming Lake Shore limited

    As you know, Ohio should get a daytime train. Cleveland has two trains, but both stop in the middle of the night. The Lake Shore limited should be retimed to give Cleveland a daytime train, as most of the route is served by other trains.