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  1. JohannFarley

    Would Viewliners like these be possible (Or even Useful)?

    Hello all, I'm sure some of you will be saying to yourselves "oh great, another Viewliner thread from fantasy land," but because I've been stuck inside, I figured I'd try to draw out the Viewliners that I envision from time to time, and how they'd be used. So my main idea was that different...
  2. JohannFarley

    Northeast Regional - Baggage

    Hello All, The family and I are going to Boston on the NER for the fourth of July. One thing we are struggling with is transporting four tripod camping chairs. I'm thinking its not possible since there is no baggage car, so no checked baggage, but am I missing something? Thanks
  3. JohannFarley

    LSL 48 (7/13) Engine Problems

    Had a couple of problems today on the Lake Shore Limited from Chicago heading back to New York. After Syracuse, one for the two engines had "computer issues," grounding us there for roughly an hour, making our rather on time train an hour and a half late into Albany. After we ditched the Boston...
  4. JohannFarley

    Incident at Edison Station 11/27

    NJ Transit's twitter feed in the past half hour has talked of delays and passenger detouring due to a trespasser event involving Amtrak, but I can't find any coverage, I'm guessing that its too soon for new stories. Although, living about a half mile from the station, About two hours ago I did...
  5. JohannFarley

    Palmetto 89 Incident in Chester, Pa. (4/3/16)

    There was just an accident south of Philly, not many details yet other than 2 dead. http://6abc.com/news/2-dead-in-amtrak-train-accident-in-chester/1274225/
  6. JohannFarley

    Norfolk Southern Style Heritage Units for Amtrak

    Let me preface this with: I know Amtrak does not need to spend any more money painting/revinyling their equipment, but.. If they could, I'm curious as to how many people here would love to see some Amtrak engines painted in schemes of the railroads that were consolidated under it? There are...
  7. JohannFarley

    Why Superliners and Not Viewliners?

    This is something I've been thinking about and researching for quite some time. I was wondering what the reason was that Amtrak went with superliners in the west. I know the viewliners are in the east because of height restrictions in tunnels, but surely they could have been used system-wide? I...