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  1. cocojacoby

    How about a train to Alaska? Talk about experiential!

    President Donald Trump said late Friday that he expected to issue a permit for a rail line connecting Alaska and Canada, citing the influence of two members of Alaska’s congressional delegation on his decision. “Based on the strong recommendation of @SenDanSullivan and @repdonyoung of the Great...
  2. cocojacoby

    Amtrak Website Interactive Diagrams

    Did Amtrak remove the sleeper car diagrams and room/bed dimensions from their website? Can't seem to find them anymore.
  3. cocojacoby

    Amtrak suspends Express Shipping

    Effective October 1, 2020, Express shipping service on Amtrak’s regularly scheduled passenger trains will be suspended until further notice. The last date for accepting these shipments will be September 15, 2020, which will ensure all shipments will reach their final destinations before October 1st.
  4. cocojacoby

    Time to Change the Paradigm?

    Can we try some new ideas to restructure Amtrak? Is there some way to radically change the paradigm? How about a new and improved "Material Handling" concept? Create a high-speed express freight network and combine that train with an Amtrak train. Yes a modern "Mixed Train". Maybe lanes...
  5. cocojacoby

    Put the Schedules Back Up Amtrak

    Hey Amtrak, how about putting the schedules back up at least for the trains that are operating as usual? It's time. There is no reason this can't be done.
  6. cocojacoby

    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Dear Mr. Anderson, Before you go please initiate a Delta One Suite program on Amtrak. We need this. I will not sleep next to a stranger on a train ever again. Thank you.
  7. cocojacoby

    Why is the Cascades Service so Chopped Up?

    I just looked at the Cascades schedule and was surprised at how chopped up and pieced together it is. Why are there so many truncated runs. Why don't they run any trains straight through? Is there an operational problem that won't allow this?
  8. cocojacoby

    Talgos on the Move for Good!

    There are reports that the Talgos are on the move today to Milwaukee for some work and then FINALLY off to the Pacific Northwest for Cascade service. Glad to hear some positive news in this saga.
  9. cocojacoby

    Does Amtrak Need a Newer More Powerful Locomotive?

    It seems that every 6000 hp freight locomotive recently designed has failed.  Many recent posting here and elsewhere have talked about Amtrak cutting back train length and removing cars so that they can operate with just one locomotive to reduce costs.  However, this practice severely...
  10. cocojacoby

    Amtrak will run all trains after Jan 1 PTC deadline

  11. cocojacoby

    Amtrak Car Dimension Question - Single Level Specs

    We were discussing this on another forum: From the PRIIA Single Level Spec 305: The completed car shall have the following overall dimensions: Length (over coupler pulling faces) 85 ft 0 in. Height (maximum) (ATOR) 14 ft 6 in. Overall Car Width (maximum) 10 ft 6 in. Carbody Width...