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  1. sttom

    Single level cars on the San Joaquin

    I was just wondering why there is an extra single level coach on the San Joaquin? Was a minimum axel count put on the San Joaquin? Also, what is the reason behind having a minimum number of axels on a train besides being an inconvenience to Amtrak? Also I put a picture of a San Joaquin train I...
  2. sttom

    You've been appointed President of Amtrak, Corridor Version

    I would like to jump off of where IndyLions post about what you would do if you were put in charge of Amtrak. Instead of focusing on what you would do with the long distance trains, I want to focus on what you would do for corridor services. This is also attempting to define what the "huge...
  3. sttom

    Why Were Union Stations Built?

    Not sure if this question belongs here, but here we go! I have always wondered what were the factors that led railways to build Union passenger stations in the US. Was it local politics? The railways wanting to simplify operations? The railways wanting to be cheap? Or some mix of them and more...
  4. sttom

    Standardizing Business Class

    So we all know business class on Amtrak isn't standardized across the system. So what would you add if a standard was set? Please keep it to corridor service business class, Business Class on long distance trains is its own can of worms (Budget Sleepers and all) Amenities I would add are: 2+1...
  5. sttom

    California High Speed Rail is getting scaled back

  6. sttom

    Overnight Services?

    This is a topic that came up in the Amfleet replacement tab, but I think it is something that should get talked about on its own. One idea that I brought up is that some the existing Amfleets should be refurbished into a mix of open sections and an adapted version of intercontinental business...
  7. sttom

    Expanding Commuter Rail in Northern California

    I am writing a series of posts about expanding rail service in California. These are from the part about expanding commuter rail in Northern California. This is about expanding and reforming rail within California. The maps being shown are the ones for Northern California, not including Amtrak...