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    Australia's West Coast Wilderness Railway

    Nicely detailed trip report, Australia is on my bucket list of places to see, of course with multiple rail trips while there. Thank You
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    Flexible dining - Requesting a review from a recent rider

    Took the Texas Eagle from Cleburne to Philadelphia September 12. Upon boarding, Andre', SCA offered me lunch and/or drink even though it was nearly 2:00 pm. I declined. For supper I was offered various seating times or the option to eat in my room. I ate in the diner there was 1 other rider in...
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    Cost Effective Roomette for a trip

    Don't mean to hijack thread but I haven't been able to fare results on Amsnag for 2 days either
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    Cost Effective Roomette for a trip

    I'm sure Nick Farr will elaborate more on his suggestion, but more than likely when he mentioned going between coach seats and roomette is the practice of booking coach seats for a portion of the trip, say New Orleans to San Antonio in coach, then moving into a sleeper in San Antonio or the...
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    Newbie traveling LFT - LAUS

    If you may be interested in checking prices in sleepers you may find it easier to check fares on Amsnag http://biketrain.x10.mx/amsnag2.0/amSnag.php I always enjoy an afternoon at Venice beach when I have time in LA. Get to people watch, ocean beach, Santa Monica pier.