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  1. FriskyFL

    Amtrak CEO says passenger trains may not run over track without PTC

    Amtrak's CEO says the passenger railroad will not operate trains over track sections that are not compliant with positive train control laws. http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2018/02/15-amtrak-ceo-says-passenger-trains-will-not-run-over-track-without-ptc-law-compliance
  2. FriskyFL

    Armed man arrested after emergency-brake stopping CZ Nebraska in cab

    Alleged White Supremacist Is Charged With Terrorism After Stopping Amtrak Train http://n.pr/2EZY3NT
  3. FriskyFL

    Silver Meteor & Deerfield Beach and Hollywood, Fl stations baggage

    This blows big time. Not looking forward to a far longer schlep to FTL.
  4. FriskyFL

    Do Border Patrol agents still board Amtrak trains in NY and elsewhere?

    Plenty of "real Americans" are more than willing to trade my freedom for their safety.
  5. FriskyFL

    Do Border Patrol agents still board Amtrak trains in NY and elsewhere?

    "Omelettes are not made without breaking eggs." -- Robespierre, mastermind of the French Reign of Terror
  6. FriskyFL

    Do Border Patrol agents still board Amtrak trains in NY and elsewhere?

    If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.
  7. FriskyFL

    Michigan service: two strikes in one day.

    Almost the hat trick! Is there a record for such achievement?
  8. FriskyFL

    New menus - nothing vegetarian on the Cardinal?

    Ketchup is a vegetable?
  9. FriskyFL

    In San Francisco, Hog a Train Seat and Get a $100 Ticket

    A wood shampoo would be a far more effective deterrent.
  10. FriskyFL

    No more printed system timetables

    Bummer. The hardcopy system timetable makes for great bathroom reading material.
  11. FriskyFL

    3 Days of Food?

    That would be $2.99 for the contents, and $50 for the obnoxious and ostentatious label.
  12. FriskyFL

    Trump and Amtrak/Budget cutting funding

    Will the SL's current route closest to the border around El Paso be disrupted by the Wall?
  13. FriskyFL

    Pets on Long Distance Trains

    The pet car is called the "baggage car". Pets aren't people. Deal with it.
  14. FriskyFL

    Pets will be allowed on all trains

    Omg...I pity the unfortunate wretches condemned to hell in the kennel car.
  15. FriskyFL

    Flag stop notification

    There's always that red cord that you could pull to request a stop...
  16. FriskyFL

    First Train Ride

    Peoria Rocket, circa 1964. Unfortunately I was just a baby in my mother's arms, so my recollection of that trip is nil.
  17. FriskyFL

    NPR story on the Southwest Chief

    I heard this story as I was rushing out the door this morning...I didn't hear anything in regard to the SWC being rerouted, but rather the story seemed to imply that the train might be cancelled outright unless the tracks were rehabilitated. So that's now the betting line, SWC bites the dust?
  18. FriskyFL

    Renaming New York's Amtrak train station

    Hey, the 'Stros are only 1/2 games back at the break, how many years has it been that we could say that?
  19. FriskyFL

    Vice-president of the Wakayama Electric Railway, died, aged 16